Idtechex Forecasts 14% Growth YoY Until 2025 for the Hearables Market

April 14 2020, 13:10
IDTechEx released a new report covering the market, technology and players in hearables. The market research company uses the term "hearables" loosely to describe all true wireless devices in the consumer electronics space, but also medical devices such as hearing aids and even cochlear implants. In this overview, it finds that the market was worth $24.5bn in 2019 and will continue to grow at a forecasted 14% YoY from 2020-2025, driven primarily by the true wireless consumer category.

As IDTechEX characterizes, "Hearables are wireless electronic products worn in, on and around the ear, including products such as true wireless headphones, hearing aids, cochlear implants and a range of related and new product types." About the true wireless earbuds category, the company comments that the product segment led by Apple has grown from nothing to be worth an expected $11bn in 2020. "After two years of frantic development to develop and release true wireless headphone products, how long can the aggressive growth in this industry continue, and can anybody challenge Apple’s dominance?", asks IDTechEX.

The report looks at each of these product categories in turn, assessing the key unfolding industry trends, and providing a perspective on the key challenges facing the sector as it grows. As an example of those trends and challenges, IDTechEX mentions the implementation of the 2017 Over-The-Counter Hearing Aid Act in the US, impacting the hearing assistance industry, including both traditional hearing aid players and any other players that may release OTC products.
Summary of the market share and major product types for hearables in 2019. Source: IDTechEx report, “Hearables 2020-2030: Technology, Players and Forecasts”

The new research looks at the impact caused by the adoption of new and existing technologies that can enable health monitoring via ear-worn products over existing products in the sector, as well as the impact over the wider product ecosystems around health monitoring - in both a fitness/wellness and medical context. And which areas of technology development are most likely to successfully shape the next generations of hearables products, and which are likely to have minimal impact or fail?
In order to answer these big questions, the IDTechEx report looks at a 20-year period for the industry, with historic data from 2010-2019 and then market forecasts from 2020-2030. The company also says the report includes primary research in the form of interviews with more than 20 prominent companies in the space, ranging from leading players such as Bose, Starkey, Widex, Oticon and Sonova, through to leading technology players such as Valencell, Well Being Digital and RelaJet, to prominent startups such as Nuheara, Olive Union, and more. It is then backed up with secondary research covering a total of more than 60 companies from throughout the value chain in order to have a full representation of this industry.
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