iZ Technology Launches iZ RADAR STUDIO: RADAR and Pro Tools in One Box

January 19 2015, 04:00
iZ Technology Corporation is announcing its new RADAR studio (patent pending) at the 2015 NAMM Show. The Canadian company says the new solution combines the best of the RADAR multi-track recorder and (Avid’s) Pro Tools in one box, allowing for tracking and mixing with a single, integrated, best-in-class audio appliance. An exciting combination of hardware and software which will certainly be the talk of the show in Anaheim.

As the iZ Technology announcement states, “In addition to its best-in-class sonics, unparalleled build quality, and simplicity, RADAR studio now runs DAW software, natively. Shipping with Pro Tools and Harrison Mixbus, RADAR studio creates an entirely new category of digital audio recording technology: the integrated audio appliance.”

A Canadian company, iZ Technology, has been developing music and audio products for 25 years. Their renowned RADAR line of multi-track audio recorders and ADA A/D & D/A audio converters is recognized for sound quality, reliability and ease of use. The company started in 1988 with the development of the Anatek line of MIDI digital processors called, “Pocket Products”. In March 1991 a prototype of RADAR, the world’s first 24-track hard disk digital audio recorder, was shown at the Musikmesse in Freankfurt, Germany. RADAR I and the TEC award winning RADAR II, which were originally distributed internationally by Otari Corporation from 1994 to 1999, achieved world-wide acclaim for achieving sound quality and reliability rivaling the world’s best high end multi-track tape machines. Following that success, iZ launched the iZ RADAR 24 in 2000, the first multi-track hard disk recorder capable of 24 tracks at 96 kHz. In 2005 iZ Technology expanded its RADAR line to include the Adrenaline Plus-driven RADAR V, the first recorder able to lay down 24 tracks at 192 kHz to a single disk. In 2012, with close to 3000 RADAR units being operated in professional recording studios around the world, iZ Technology launched RADAR 6 using a high resolution touchscreen directly built-in on the multi-track audio recorder and with completely new Ultra Nyquist analogue I/O converter cards.

“Recording is a daunting task. Music producers must research and choose computers, software, audio and sync interfaces, hard drives, and unwieldy digital interface cabling and integrate them all into their studio,” says Barry Henderson, President of iZ Technology Corporation. “RADAR studio is a turnkey solution that makes recording as easy as turning on the power and hitting the record button. The best hardware and your favorite software now seamlessly work together in one box to deliver the highest sound quality. Easy.”

Now, music producers can run their favorite DAW software and plug-ins inside RADAR studio for the best of both worlds. According to the company, the new RADAR studio features near-zero jitter and a pristine signal path using the latest converter technology.

The combination with Pro Tools allows RADAR studio to track, mix and automate, using all plug-ins and features of a native DAW software but with direct hardware control, and the possibility to integrate the iZ Session Controller and MeterBridge for a traditional studio feel.

The solution can be customized with configurable I/O, drive bays, external media, DSP cards, and peripherals and comes with 10 years of free customer support. RADAR studio is already available at an introductory price of 4,995 for a limited time with Pro Tools HD 11 pre-installed (*users have to provide a valid license key).
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