HMS II.3 Artificial Head Measurement System Supports Super-Wideband Testing

July 20 2017, 03:10
Noise and vibration, electroacoustic and voice quality testing specialist HEAD acoustics announced that its HMS II.3 Artificial Head measurement system is able to transmit real speech equalized up to almost 20 kHz. According to the German company, the HMS II.3 Artificial Head, designed for measurement of close to-the-ear transducers, such as handsets, headsets, headphones, hearing protectors and hearing aids, is perfectly suited for testing the upcoming generation of VoLTE mobile phones, among many other applications that require super-wideband capabilities.

In more and more applications, super-wideband technology plays an increasingly important role: The upcoming generation of VoLTE mobile phones as well as already established voice messenger systems such as Skype or Apple FaceTime support super-wideband. In order to test corresponding terminals accordingly, high-performance measurement equipment is essential. With its HMS II.3, HEAD acoustics provides a high-quality artificial head measurement system, comprising ear simulator and artificial mouth, which is fully capable for super-wideband testing in sending and receiving direction. In its basic version, the artificial head is equipped with an artificial mouth and with an impedance simulator in the right ear – optionally also the left ear can be equipped with an ear simulator. HMS II.3 complies with all relevant international standards.

The artificial mouth of the HMS II.3 transmits real speech equalized at least up to almost 20 kHz. Considering the frequency range of real speech signals, the mouth of the artificial head measurement system is able to play back the complete spectrum of human voice for all relevant levels with low distortion. This is a main feature to enable super-wideband measurements in sending direction. With the help of the communication quality analysis system ACQUA, the artificial mouth can be comfortably equalized via a digital FIR filter which is tuned by an automated and fast equalization process.
The artificial head measurement system HMS II.3 is super-wideband capable and suited for testing the upcoming generation of VoLTE mobile phones. © HEAD acoustics GmbH

HMS II.3 furthermore allows its users to carry out measurements of far to-the-ear transducers such as hands-free equipment. HMS II.3 has been developed for acoustic measurement of telephone terminal equipment and meets the requirements laid down by ITU-T Recommendations P.57 and P.58. The simulation of the head geometry has been reduced to the acoustically relevant structures of the human anatomy and results in a recording technology which corresponds to realistic conditions for handsets and hands-free equipment.

HEAD acoustics was founded in 1986, based in Herzogenrath, Germany, with affiliates in France, Great Britain, Japan, South Korea and USA as well as a world-wide network of representatives. The Telecom Division of HEAD acoustics manufactures telecom test equipment and provides consulting services in the field of speech and audio quality. Moreover, HEAD acoustics closely co-operates with DECT Forum, ETSI, ITU-T, 3GPP, TIA, CTIA, GSMA and other standardization bodies with regard to the development of quality standards for voice transmission and speech communication.
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