High End Speaker Manufacturer Scan-Speak Joins Sound Hub Denmark

July 3 2020, 00:45
Celebrating more than 50 years of innovation in Denmark, Scan-Speak is the latest company to announce its direct support to Sound Hub Denmark. The international sound technology and innovation hub has now also attracted the attention of one of the most respected loudspeaker transducer developers and manufacturers. Proud of its Danish heritage, Scan-Speak understands the potential for this sound innovation cluster.

Denmark has long been a globally recognized hub for the audio industry, where start-ups, world-renowned brands and highly advanced sound labs have made their home, inspired by a unique culture of sound innovation. Now Scan-Speak joins Sound Hub Denmark to further tie these bonds by helping upcoming talents. 

Celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, Scan-Speak is a well-founded company, which has risen to a position being viewed as a market benchmark by other high-end loudspeaker manufacturers. It is renowned for its commitment to quality with one of the industry’s most extensive product ranges using proprietary technologies and premium state-of-the-art transducer designs. All Scan-Speak products are developed, designed and built in Denmark, and are complemented with extensive customization to meet the demands of specific brands.

"To us, Sound Hub Denmark is the place to meet and work with new and upcoming talents in a sound innovation environment dedicated to this. We are located in the same region of Denmark, and we believe we can contribute with our knowledge and experience, so new start-ups get through the initial stages quicker and more efficiently to reach their objectives. In addition to this, we also hope to find some of our future customers here," states Jann U. Evers, Sales Director of Scan-Speak. 

A guiding star Denmark’s smallness is a strength as the best and brightest are never far apart. High availability of talent from universities and companies and a tradition for collaboration and knowledge-sharing, pave the way for robust solutions. "Denmark has maintained agile production methods with unparalleled high standards of performance, design and function. Scan-Speak is a guiding star in the sound domain," states Peter Petersen, CEO of Sound Hub Denmark.

"Besides the programs we run for international start-ups, we want to invite established companies, talents and experienced professionals working with sound to come and join us. Our vision is to become the world’s most recognized sound innovation and growth hub that attracts the most talented start-ups and most promising ideas to Denmark, and with Scan-Speak onboard we take a huge step in achieving this", Peter Petersen concludes.

Founded in Denmark in 1970, Scan-Speak products today are sold worldwide to the high-end audio manufacturers and automotive aftermarket, through a well-established network of distributors and OEM/ODM customers and well-recognized top-tier brands. The brand is also highly admired among the DIY audio community. Scan-Speak operates as an independent company in the Eastech Group (www.eastech.com) under local Danish management continuing the tradition of Danish development and manufacturing. 

2020 is a significant year for Scan-Speak as it marks the 50th Anniversary of the Scan-Speak brand. "We’re sure that our founder, Ejvind Skaaning, would be both surprised and very proud that his vision of producing customized loudspeaker drivers has led to the half century legacy that is Scan-Speak. There are not many brands that have such longevity and we are proud to be part of such an exclusive group," adds Evers.

Sound Hub Denmark is a business hub and co-working environment with access to excellent measurement, workshop and test facilities, connected with a unique network of industry-leaders, mentors, and knowledge institutions. Partners for this world-class workplace include Bang & Olufsen, Harman Lifestyle, GN Audio (Jabra), Aalborg University and Danish Sound Cluster. 
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