HEAD acoustics To Present Leading-Edge ANC Testing and Development Solutions at AES Headphone Conference

July 16 2019, 00:45
HEAD acoustics will present its latest testing solutions for headphones and headsets at the upcoming AES International Conference on Headphone Technology in San Francisco, August 27 - 29. The company will show all that’s needed for product development and evaluation, including speech and audio quality testing, Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) performance evaluation, realistic background noise simulation, and a new measurement method for listening effort.
HEAD acoustics will demonstrate its complete range of testing solutions for headphone and ANC development. © HEAD acoustics GmbH

HQS-ANC-Headset is the fully automated database for HEAD acoustics’ communication analysis system, ACQUA. The extensive platform allows testing and optimizing passive noise isolation and active noise cancellation headphones and headsets. It also includes measurements that enable users to evaluate general audio quality, effectiveness of talk-through mode and performance in the presence of background noise. With HQS-ANC-Headset, users are capable of measuring devices with passive (wired), USB-powered and Bluetooth connections. 

With HQS-Audio, HEAD acoustics presents another ACQUA solution capable of comprehensively testing key audio quality parameters within headphones and headsets. The database driven solution allows users to efficiently test frequency response, signal-to-noise ratio, intermodulation distortion, THD and THD+N, as well as conducting Relative Approach analyses.

For background noise and reverberation evaluation, HEAD acoustics offers its 3PASS flex simulation system in combination with the MSA II enhanced microphone array, enabling recording and reproduction of realistic three-dimensional background noise scenarios. This combination allows manufacturers to test headphones and headsets under realistic conditions, while the MSA II microphone positioning is particularly suited for development and metrological evaluation of ANC headphones. Based on the symmetrical arrangement of eight microphones, the solution supports high-precision reproduction of sound fields in the surrounding area of both ears. Using the 3PASS reverb software option, manufacturers are even able to reproduce different room characteristics in the laboratory, including realistic reverberation scenarios. The software simulates the reverberation of the room by applying the previously recorded impulse responses to any audio signal in real time.
The MSA II microphone array mounted on HEAD acoustics’ HMS II artificial head allows realistic recording of individual background noise scenarios for testing ANC headphones and headsets. © HEAD acoustics GmbH

Listening Effort
As an alternative to speech intelligibility measurements, in recent years the precise characterization of listening effort became increasingly important when measurement speech and communication applications. With the new Listening Effort analysis, HEAD acoustics offers the industry’s first method for instrumentally assessing perceived listening effort. With this unique solution, users can reliably test multiple communication scenarios, including applications with ANC headsets, and the exact working conditions with signal processing applied by mobile phones at the receiving side.

With the presentation of these unique solutions at the AES International Conference on Headphone Technology in San Francisco, HEAD acoustics will offer attendees a complete overview of the latest integrated solutions for the vibrant but increasingly challenging headphone market, while demonstrating why the company is recognized worldwide for its expertise and pioneering role in the development of measurement, analysis and optimization of voice and audio quality assessment. Apart from presenting hardware and software solutions, the company will also provide an overview of its range of services that cover engineering support for developers, as well as consulting, and training. HEAD acoustics is headquartered in Herzogenrath, near Aachen (Germany), and owns subsidiaries in China, France, Italy, Japan, South Korea, the UK, and the USA, as well as numerous sales partners worldwide.
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