HEAD acoustics Releases ACQUA 4 Voice and Audio Quality Analysis Software

August 23 2018, 01:00
HEAD acoustics has launched a new version of ACQUA (Advanced Communication Quality Analysis), the powerful software for voice and audio quality testing. As promised, with version 4, ACQUA supports the new modular hardware platform labCORE and includes a multi-channel signal generator and a multi-channel analyzer for testing all equipment in the field of telecommunication. The software features a restructured database menu and extended reporting functionalities, with easy-to-use hardware configuration and quick access to favorite projects.
In combination with hardware components such as the modular multi-channel platform labCORE, ACQUA 4 allows analyzing and optimizing a wide range of single components, complete terminals and transmission networks. ©HEAD acoustics GmbH

“ACQUA is a powerful data acquisition and analysis system for electroacoustic tests with sampling rates up to 192 kHz. Now, we have redesigned the software and also added new features to improve usability even more”, says Christian Schüring, sales manager of the Telecom division at HEAD acoustics GmbH.

In ACQUA 4, the database menu has been restructured and enhanced. Links to the database admin simplify the management of required databases. Users are able to download and use ACQUA databases directly from the Internet. Furthermore, ACQUA 4 enables quick comparison of databases and a search within databases. Via so-called single measurement descriptor (SMD) collections, users are able to create a subset of all SMDs and thus obtain a different view to the whole project. These SMD collections can be named, saved and recalled at any time. In addition, users are able to filter all measurement cards of a database by keywords and save the result as SMD collection. All measurements of a favored SMD collection can be conducted automatically.
The user-friendly “Quick Start” provides easy access to favorite projects. ©HEAD acoustics GmbH
As the German electroacoustic and voice quality measurement specialist also details, the reporting functionalities have been significantly extended. “ACQUA 4 is able to compare several results of a test object or the results of several test objects comfortably and to document them in a common report”, says Schüring. The software offers the possibility to create reports for one or more projects - even across different databases. Now, so-called Quality Pie Charts, a tool for clear result representation compliant to ITU-T Recommendation P.505, can be inserted into reports easily.
Newly developed thumbnails provide a quick visualization and comparison of results. ©HEAD acoustics GmbH

The newly developed thumbnails visualize the results and thus enable a quick comparison of results in ACQUA 4, using dynamic graphs and a pass/fail check for all measurements. Users are able to create custom lists of thumbnails and add specific results. The clearly arranged hardware configuration now offers a full overview of the measurement chain: from ACQUA over labCORE to the head and torso simulator, third party equipment and the device under test. 

It is also possible to configure the logical connections inside the labCORE (signal routing) and the physical connections (cables) of the entire test equipment via drag and drop. Via the user-friendly “Quick Start” menu users get quick access to favorite projects as well as to a dynamic list of recent projects and test objects.
The clearly arranged hardware configuration offers a full overview of the complete measurement chain. ©HEAD acoustics GmbH

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