HEAD acoustics Provides World’s First Certified Test Solution for Super-Wideband-Capable Mobile Devices

July 18 2019, 00:35
HEAD acoustics is the world´s first - and up to now the only - manufacturer of measurement technology to have received approval from the Global Certification Forum (GCF) and the PCS Type Certification Review Board (PTCRB) responsible for North America for its test solution for super-wideband-capable mobile devices. The successfully certified test platform TP 190 encompasses two HEAD acoustics’ communication quality analysis system ACQUA, and labCORE hardware platform.

This certified solution enables mobile phone manufacturers, mobile network operators and test service providers to test the conformity of their devices according to GCF Work Item 252. An independent test laboratory has conducted the comprehensive audio test cases for all narrowband, wideband and super-wideband scenarios, according to the 3GPP standards TS 26.131 and TS 26.132 Release 12.8.0. The certified system - TP 190 - uses established measurement technology from HEAD acoustics, featuring its labCORE modular hardware platform - including required extensions for VoLTE telephony such as coreIP, coreIP-EVS, coreIP-AMR and coreIP-IMP. 

The TP 190 platform allows data acquisition and signal conditioning for HEAD acoustics ACQUA communication analysis software, which also offers a wide range of options for communication quality evaluation. In addition to ACQUA and labCORE as the two main components, the certified test solution also covers HEAD acoustics artificial head measurement system HMS II.3, the complementary motorized handset positioner accessory, HHP IV, and the HAE-BGN background noise simulation system.
HMS II.3 artificial head measurement system with HHP IV motorized handset positioner, part of the newly certified test platform. © HEAD acoustics GmbH
"This certification emphasizes HEAD acoustics leading role in the field of voice and audio quality measurement technology for state-of-the-art mobile devices," says Dr. Hans W. Gierlich, Managing Director Telecom at HEAD acoustics. "With our test platform, we provide our customers an efficient and automated solution to test the audio performance requirements of GCF and PTCRB for their 3G and 4G devices and to optimize their signal processing".
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