Harbottle Audio Announces New TSADvS Subwoofer Series

February 20 2018, 04:00
FWA and Harbottle Audio announced the release of the TSADvS (pn: tee-sad-vee-es) drivers to the ODM market. A high power handling, low distortion, low compression, pro audio subwoofer focused on efficiency and sound quality. The TSADvS series features a neodymium overhung motor topology with vast amounts of motor venting. This design has resulted in 25 mm (Xmax) of clean stroke and very stable function at what some might consider abusive output levels. The TSADvS series features 18-inch and 21-inch models.

FWA is a ODM speaker and amplifier manufacturer based out of Sechelt, BC, Canada, and is a division of Funk Audio. ​FWA's complete suite of speaker drivers and designs are distributed by Harbottle Audio.

The TSADvS driver group, with 18" and 21" models available in dual 2 ohm voice coil (D2) and dual 4 ohm Voice Coil (D4) iterations, is capable from 5 Hz to 600 Hz with power handling up to 3000 watts RMS. According to the manufacturers, "proven performance over the course of years has shown the driver to operate extremely well at the very edge of its limit, while simultaneously providing some of the lowest distortion figures on the market today. These benefits are the result of design and engineering that focuses on efficiency and balanced parameters, while real world output is capable of exceeding 100% of it's theoretical output. Additionally, it maintains microscopic losses in sound quality at the edge of its limit."

Both drivers are built with a strong cast aluminum basket and feature carbon faced paper cones with half roll treated foam surrounds, black anodized aluminum dustcap, a single progressive 10" diameter spider, overhung neodymium magnet and 4.5" aluminum coil with a black anodized aluminum former with dual shorting ring. The design is recommended to be used with sealed/ported/LLT enclosure types in home, studio or sound reinforcement applications.

As Harbottle explains, "the TSADvS is not clinical sounding, rather its strength is in its clarity, making the subjective quality of bass more pronounced and easy on the ears. The excessively wide Fr of 5-600 Hz, sensitivity well into the 90's, ultra high efficiency, and dynamic power handling that is simply absurd, makes the output visceral, raw, and really loud. Yet the character of our sound is smooth, clean, and otherwise perfect. This balance of character and ability has proven to keep patrons engaged in the experience and increase viable real estate by cutting down the need for more drivers and equipment."

The extremely light weight design caters to pro audio enclosure styles, making the TSADvS perfect for house audio systems (cinema and concert venues) and touring systems. "Musicians and sound engineers have the opportunity to use a subwoofer that will be veraciously faithful to their unique sound by transcending the standard and pushing the limits of audio science. The TSADvS allows their signature sound to hit harder, with more provocation, and with far greater purity pushing the limits of the industry. In manufacturing terms, our drivers will make your system stand out from the rest in ways that are nothing short of shocking. In short, the TSADvS offers so much more sound, hence, saving you money and space while giving your patrons and listeners a far better audio experience," they add.
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