Hafler Starts Shipping PH50B and PH60B High Performance Phono Preamps with Balanced Outputs

September 28 2017, 03:20
Hafler (a division of Radial Engineering) announced that its latest PH50B and PH60B high performance phono preamps are now shipping. The PH50B and PH60B feature both unbalanced RCA and balanced XLR outputs for connection to hifi playback systems or pro audio equipment. With the continued resurgence of vinyl production and sales, the PH50B and PH60B help address a growing market for high quality standalone phono stages. 

The original PH50 and PH60 - which audioXpress reviewed - quickly earned the accolades of recording industry legends including Alan Parsons and Chuck Ainlay, who praised their audio quality and transparency. Now with the addition of balanced XLR outputs, the PH50B and PH60B can be easily connected with pro audio equipment such as mixing consoles and recording interfaces, allowing for playback in the studio or digitization of vinyl collections.

The PH50B is designed for moving magnet (MM) cartridges, while the PH60B includes a second gain stage for low output moving coil (MC) cartridges. Both units feature gold-plated RCA inputs and outputs to provide optimal signal transfer without tarnishing over time. True +4dB line level signals are available at the XLR outputs, which can be switched to -10dB operation via an internal push-switch. Ground lift switches help to eliminate buzz and hum from ground loops when connected to these XLR outputs, and a low cut filter eliminates excessive low frequencies and turntable rumble. Additionally, the PH60B features internal jumpers that adjust the input impedance for ideal matching with different moving coil cartridges.

Whether they are connected to a high fidelity home theater or professional audio equipment, the PH50B and PH60B are sure to deliver the unmatched performance and absolute reliability typical of all Hafler products.

MSRP: PH50B: $449.99 USD, PH60B: $549.99 USD
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