Greenwave Systems Incorporates DSP Group ULE and SmartVoice Solution into its AXON Platform

September 19 2017, 04:00
During the IBC 2017 show in Amsterdam, Internet of Things (IoT) services provider Greenwave Systems introduced the Philio-Tech voice assistant, which is powered by DSP Group’s ULE and SmartVoice technologies. Philio’s Voice Assistant unique battery operated device uses Greenwave Systems platform to enable voice queries and two-way voice, to power home automation services, real-time communications, and network connectivity.

Greenwave Systems is a global software and managed services company for IoT dedicated to empowering market-leading brands to profitably deploy their own managed services and products. Mobile carriers, telecommunications operators, semiconductor manufacturers, utilities and all manner of service providers use Greenwave’s AXON Platform to safely integrate data and communications from a variety of existing and emerging digital protocols and swiftly create vanguard IoT and M2M services via managed networks.

Greenwave exhibited the new voice assistant as part of its AXON Platform, which translates communication from any IoT device into a common IP-based language to enable the creation of a managed service. The Philio-Tech device is a tiny, battery-operated voice controlled personal assistant that can perform a huge variety of tasks such as checking the weather at a destination a user is planning to visit, or turning on the lights at home as the owner arrives. Integrated ULE technology provides low latency, meaning fast response times, and also allows two-way communication so that the voice assistant can talk back to its users.

DSP Group’s SmartVoice and ULE offering provides the necessary functionalities for home IoT solutions including far field multi mic noise suppression, barge-in, beam forming and “always-on” voice functionality , with the ULE attributes of an interference-free band, outstanding range, low power consumption and robust and secure RF channels. Moreover, both technologies are highly energy efficient. They enable battery-operated devices to run for years and offer advanced functionality compared to most smart devices on the market.

“Greenwave’s mission is to easily and safely connect people to IoT devices that can improve their lives,” says Jim Hunter, chief scientist at Greenwave Systems. “What really excited Greenwave about DSP Group’s ULE technology are the opportunities that will emerge from its tiny, battery operated device with extremely low latency and two-way voice communication.”

James Huang, CEO of Philio-Tech says, “At Philio, we see voice-user interface as key to the future of IoT technology in the home. We value ULE technology for many reasons, including its long secured range, the robustness and security of its RF channels, and its interference-free frequency bands. But the natural support in two-way voice makes this a technology of choice to a variety of IoT applications.”

Tali Chen, CVP corporate development and chief evangelist at DSP Group added: “We are thrilled to collaborate with our ecosystem partners Greenwave Systems and Philio-Tech to push the boundaries of voice-user interface technology. Our ULE and SmartVoice technologies are ideal for carrying voice wirelessly, and together with SmartVoice solution, it transforms any device into a voice-enabled product.”

Philio-Tech’s expertise lies in the development of network home gateways, access control management, sensors, intelligent sockets, intelligent lighting, and other intelligent home products solutions, featuring Z-Wave / zigbee / ULE / Wi-Fi / LoRa and other related technologies that will meet the future needs of the intelligent home. | Philio-Tech |
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