Genelec Updates Popular Monitors with New SMPS Power Supplies and Class-D Modules

April 10 2017, 03:10
Genelec announced major upgrades that deliver a completely new level of performance to some of its most popular studio monitors and compact speakers. Six of Genelec’s most popular models are about to become more powerful, lighter in weight and even greener, as a number of major upgrades are rolled out, including a switch to more efficient and better-quality Class D amplification.

Raising up models within the professional monitoring, home audio and AV ranges, the upgrades will introduce a new level of performance for the professional 8020 and 8030, the G Two and G Three, and the powerful but discreet 4020 and 4030 installation speakers. All acoustic design and drivers remain unchanged.

As Genelec states, "The dramatic effect of Class D amplification will be impossible to miss as it simultaneously delivers both heightened SPL and a drop in power consumption across all of the models. Equally impressive, thanks to the use of a new SMPS power supply, will be the radically lighter weight and increased portability of each upgraded speaker. In addition, new dip switch controls will give you more flexibility for fine-tuning and optimization, while a wealth of further improvements have been made to each individual model. The only thing that won’t change is the acoustic integrity and purity of reproduction for which all Genelec monitors are known." 

On a comprehensive list of changes in the design and specifications for models 8020, 4020C, and G Two active speakers, Genelec highlights the new Universal 100-240 V AC power supply with push power button on the back, allowing for reduced power consumption and weight. Those speakers will now have an ISS switch added for stand-by control (default off). Thanks to the new Class-D modules, Genelec reports improved performance with a max short-term SPL of +4dB, and improved peak power from 2x20W to 2x50W. The back panel in these models will now feature gain trim potentiometers with new range or DIP switch in the G series models, new or adjusted room EQ switches, while the input connectors now feature larger Euroblock connectors in the 4020C model, remaining unchanged in the 8020 and G Two  models. Due to the internal changes in power supply and amplification modules, a new universal PCB is now used.

Models 8030, 4030C, and G Three benefit from similar updates in power supply, new Class-D amp modules improving peak output power from 2x40W to 2x50W, changes in power switch type, stand-by control, new gain trim and room EQ in the 8030 and new larger Euroblock connector in the 4030C model. The audio output connector in the 8030 monitor was removed, while the 4030C uses Euroblock for daisy-chain. Complete details are provided in the company's website.
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