Genelec Launches Smart IP Audio Platform at ISE 2019

January 30 2019, 04:15
Leveraging the company's pioneering efforts with audio-over-IP and the introduction of the world's first AoIP-enabled monitors in 2016, Genelec is now unveiling a unique open IP networking technology platform at ISE 2019. This platform is aimed specifically at the installation market and will deliver power, audio, and scalable loudspeaker system configuration, supervision and calibration features via a single, standard CAT5 cable.

According to the company, this novel technology will be rolled out over a range of Genelec’s installed audio loudspeakers, commencing in the last quarter of 2019. Based on IP and Power-over-Ethernet (PoE), the Genelec technology platform includes a proprietary internal power supply that delivers much higher SPLs than was previously possible via any conventional PoE. Indeed, the Genelec solution is powerful enough to run small- to medium-sized systems – a world first.

In addition to superior power handling qualities, Genelec’s smart IP platform will also enable flexible system integration, management, and monitoring over IP thanks to Genelec’s sophisticated GLM software. The concept of loudspeaker management by software is already a mature and well-established tool within Genelec’s studio monitoring loudspeaker range, but to address the specific needs of the installed audio market, Genelec has developed dedicated software that offers a raft of tools focusing on solving specific audio problems - including device discovery, automatic room equalization and calibration, system organization, and status monitoring. In short, saving integrators a huge amount of working time whilst ensuring that the system performs with outstanding clarity and speech intelligibility.
According to Aki Mäkivirta, Director of R&D at Genelec, the development of the IP technology platform offers integrators an easy and cost-effective route to high quality audio installations. The Smart IP platform solution is compatible with the most popular audio-over-IP networking protocols for complete flexibility and scalability, and a standard analogue input is also included, increasing the system design flexibility.
“With everything you need delivered over a single, standard network cable — including enough power to drive medium SPL applications — integrators have a complete solution at their fingertips: the highest quality loudspeakers with onboard signal processing, integrated power amplifiers, and automatic room calibration, all underpinned by Genelec’s renowned audio and build quality. Additionally, since all Genelec production takes place at our factory in Finland and follows strict principles of environmental compatibility and design for a long service lifetime, it simply doesn’t get any easier to guarantee sustainable quality audio installations!"
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