Ferrofish Introduces VERTO, Pulse16 and A32 DANTE Converters at Prolight+Sound 2017

April 3 2017, 03:10
Ferrofish is presenting three new products at Prolight+Sound 2017 in Frankfurt (April 4-7). The German manufacturer is introducing its new Pulse 16 converter, which offers 16 analog inputs and outputs and just as many ADAT channels. Likewise entirely new are the three units of the VERTO series. These are format converters that make possible an integration of MADI or ADAT equipment into a Dante network. In addition, for such networks, Ferrofish is showing the A32 DANTE, a variant of its popular A32 converter.

Following the great success of the A16 and A32 converters, Ferrofish is introducing several new products at the Prolight+Sound. At booth D41 in Hall 4.1, the company from Linz am Rhein is showing the new Pulse16 AD/DA converter and the DANTE format converters VERTO32, VERTO64, VERTOMX, as well as the currently available A32 DANTE converter. With these new products, Ferrofish is expanding its portfolio of popular and successful converters with more possibilities to convert between the analog and digital world or between various digital formats.

The new Pulse16 AD/DA converter offers 16 analog inputs and outputs. Via Cirrus logic converters, it transfers these 16 channels to the digital level, and then makes them available at the TOSLINK ports in ADAT format. At the same time, the Pulse16 can transfer just as many ADAT channels into the analog world. Via the total of eight optical TOSLINK connections, the total of 16 analog paths are truly always available, that is, even when working at more than 48 kHz in the SMUX2 mode. Two TFT displays permit optical monitoring of all 32 channels in a level display that provides a clear overview, and for acoustic monitoring, any desired mono or stereo signal can be presented to the earphone output on the front panel. A circuit for active jitter reduction and the possibility of perfectly integrating the Pulse16 into an  existing digital environment via WordClock round out the range of features of the new converter.

Digital into Network: VERTO32, VERTO64 and VERTOMX
Audinate's Dante protocol for audio networks enjoys great popularity. For the integration of MADI and ADAT digital interfaces into such a network, Ferrofish offers three practical solutions with the VERTO series. At 48 kHz, VERTO32 transfers up to 32 ADAT channels, or respectively, 16 ADAT channels at 96 kHz, via four TOSLINK connections into Dante format. VERTO64 offers twice as many optical ports, and with this too, up to 64 channels at 48 kHz or 32 channels at 96 kHz. A resolution of up to 192 kHz can be realized via MADI; VERTOMX transmits up to 16 such high resolution channels, or even up to 64 paths at a maximum of 48 kHz, from MADI into the DANTE network and back. 

Through the WordClock interface, all components of the VERTO series can be synchronized in a digital interconnection. A remote control over the network of connected Ferrofish components such as the A32, is possible via MIDI or, in the case of the VERTOMX, via MIDI over MADI.

The Dante version of the extremely successful AD/DA A32 converter is already available. The impressive variety of ports is further supplemented in the A32 DANTE with the corresponding Ethernet connection. With this, the A32 DANTE offers 32 analog inputs, 32 analog outputs, MADI (optical and coaxial), four ADAT inputs (TOSLINK), and four ADAT outputs (TOSLINK), as well as two RJ-45 ports for connecting to the Dante network. The control via a small number of operating elements, both simple and brilliantly resolved, and the four color TFT displays, make a flexible routing possible, that, in addition to the AD and DA conversion, also permits the format conversion from ADAT or MADI into the DANTE network (and back). With this flexibility, the A32 DANTE is an unbeatable jack-of-all-trades, and a hub for the most varied setups.
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