EvertzAV Adopts Dante Audio over IP Networking and Introduces Industry’s First Dante-Enabled AV Switch Product

June 8 2016, 04:50
EvertzAV announced support for Dante audio networking as an option for the company’s MMA10G-HUB In-Room AV Switch. The MMA10G-HUB is an in-room audio & video switcher that leverages Evertz MMA-10G Network Based AV Distribution capability. The HUB makes connecting a single room to a facility easy and opens up a world of possibilities for collaboration, resource sharing and connectivity.

A live demonstration of a Dante audio network has be constructed on the EvertzAV booth at Infocomm 2016 showcasing the interoperability between the HUB and other Dante enabled vendors. Dante audio networking uses standard IP networks to transmit high-quality, uncompressed audio with near-zero latency.

EvertzAV is a division within Evertz Microsystems exclusively focused on the professional AV marketplace. Evertz Microsystems is one of the leading manufacturers of professional audio and video infrastructure equipment addressing several professional AV vertical markets. With over 1200 employees and 40 years of experience, Evertz offers complete end to end solutions for AV distribution and visualization and is recognized as one of the pioneers on networked-based solutions.

“We are excited to integrate Audinate’s Dante technology within our MMA-10G products,” says Jamie Horner, Director for EvertzAV.  “We believe we are the first to include Dante within an AV switch product, which facilitates audio from various Dante enabled products to be shared seamlessly with our HUB product. The HUB provides the central location to not only switch audio and video within the room but also transport the audio within the facility using Evertz’ unique 10GE network based AV distribution solution. EvertzAV is pushing the envelope in terms of moving audio and video content to a network based model for distribution, and working with Audinate completely makes sense for us as our companies are both leaders in this regard.”

“Evertz is recognized as one of the strongest global company brands for the corporate, education, government, broadcast, and house of worship sectors,” states Lee Ellison, CEO of Audinate, the creators of Dante. “With the addition of Dante audio over IP networking, the HUB is the perfect solution for interconnecting classrooms, auditoriums, and boardrooms.”
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