Enclave Audio CineHome Are First Roku TV Ready Certified Wireless 5.1 Surround Sound Systems

October 28 2020, 16:05
Both CineHome systems from Enclave Audio - the CineHome II and the THX Certified CineHome PRO - are now the first Roku TV Ready certified wireless 5.1 channel surround solutions. Available now in the U.S. market, these speaker systems from Enclave Audio will promote an easier way for consumers to enjoy surround sound with all the convenience of wireless, simple installation, and robust, high resolution, low latency audio delivered by the Wireless Speaker and Audio Association (WiSA) technology.

Roku TV Ready products have to be tested and certified to work effortlessly with Roku TV models, offering smooth setup, easy on-screen access to sound settings and volume control all with one remote. When connected to a Roku TV, the Enclave Audio CineHome PRO and CineHome II wireless surround sound systems are automatically identified, offering speaker setup and calibration tools directly on the Roku TV screen using the Roku remote. With single cable setup, all that’s required to augment the Roku TV with an Enclave CineHome audio system is a single HDMI cable.

Featuring WiSA's cutting-edge wireless audio technology and connectivity, a complete 5.1 CineHome system can be setup quickly and easily while providing the unmatched audio performance of a multi-channel surround sound system. Surrounding the listener with sound, each CineHome speaker system consists of three wireless front speakers (left, right, and center), two wireless rear speakers (left and right), a wireless subwoofer, and the Enclave CineHub which features Dolby Digital, DTS Digital Surround, Uncompressed PCM and supports eARC, ARC, Optical, Bluetooth and Analog inputs.
Unrestrained by speaker wire, the wireless CineHome systems support 24-bit high definition audio with extremely low latency and less than one microsecond of synchronization between speakers to ensure the impactful surround sound audio experience matches all the action on the Roku TV. For users craving the ultimate wireless home theater experience, the CineHome PRO can deliver up to a 5.4 channel THX Certified performance.

"The Roku TV Ready program is a perfect example of the innovative steps Roku is taking to make the TV audio experience incredibly simple, accessible, and convenient," says Rob Jones, CTO for Enclave Audio. "This certification makes it easier than ever before for millions of Roku customers to add true, dedicated surround sound to their Roku TV setup wirelessly with ease. Their dedication to enhancing the at-home entertainment experience for their customers parallels our own consumer centric, single cable plug-and-play ideology, and is just one of the many reasons we’re thrilled to provide the first Roku TV Ready certified discrete 5.1 channel wireless surround sound systems."

"The addition of the Enclave Audio CineHome wireless home theater systems – two truly premium audio solutions – to the Roku TV Ready family gives our customers the option to take their at-home entertainment experience to the next level with dedicated wireless surround sound that syncs effortlessly with their Roku TV," adds Mark Ely, Vice President of Retail Product Strategy, Roku. "When it comes to deploying an incredible sound system, Enclave and Roku have simplified the consumer setup process, and the listening experience is now made even easier when paired with a Roku TV."

The Enclave CineHome PRO system is available now for $1,599.99 US MSRP and the Enclave CineHome II system is available for $1,099.99 US MSRP.
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