DPA Upgrades 4098 Gooseneck Microphones with CORE Technology

November 25 2020, 00:15
DPA Microphones recently upgraded its renowned 4098 Gooseneck Microphone to include its CORE by DPA technology. With this update, the 4098 CORE microphone range joins DPA’s other CORE products in offering minimal distortion across the entire dynamic range, increasing audio clarity and openness and further enhancing the already stellar sound. Perfect for both podium and conference room applications, the DPA 4098 CORE is the ideal solution for speech and formal announcements when high speech intelligibility is paramount. 

And this has proven especially true for today’s socially distanced, video conferencing world, where critical communications between governments and company executives need to support of a wide diversity of situation challenges. With CORE by DPA technology, the 4098 CORE microphones capture a wider dynamic range so that the 1 percent THD is now lifted with 8dB to 133dB SPL.

"When we first launched CORE by DPA, we knew we wanted to implement this technology into all DPA mics to provide an even greater user experience," says René Moerch, product manager at DPA Microphones. "By increasing the dynamic range of the mics, CORE by DPA extends the point at which the distortion is just starting to become audible. Incorporating this technology to the 4098 allows presenters, politicians, pastors, instructors, and more, to be heard through the mic as though they are speaking to the viewer/listener directly."  

Best suited to the installation market, the DPA 4098 CORE offers trouble-free installation with the most clear, transparent and natural sound available on the miniature mic market. The mic is capable of handling extremely high SPL before clipping, which enables it to deliver pristine speech intelligibility regardless of whether the speaker is loud or soft-toned. With a linear response, low distortion and extremely large dynamic range, the mics perform well in even the most challenging environments.
Typical directional characteristics of the 4098 CORE Miniature Supercardioid Gooseneck Microphone.

DPA Microphones is a leading manufacturer of high-quality condenser microphone solutions for professional applications. All microphones are manufactured at the DPA factory in Denmark and offer exceptional specifications and reliability. The DPA 4098 CORE Miniature Supercardioid capsule is available in a variety of arrangements, including different gooseneck lengths, a wide range of wired connectors or wireless termination options, color finishes and foam windscreens.
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