Dirac Teams Up With OSM Group to Offer Spatial Audio Solutions for Next-Generation Headphones

January 12 2021, 14:10
Swedish digital audio pioneer Dirac and OSM Group, a global designer, developer and manufacturer have entered into an agreement to include Dirac’s industry-leading spatial audio solution in headphones created by OSM for its global portfolio of electronics customers. Under the terms of the agreement, OSM Group will license the Dirac spatial audio solution for integration into headphones that the company develops for leading brands around the world.

Since 2004, with hundreds of millions of successful, high-quality products shipped, the OSM Group has created brand excitement with engineering services provided for consumer, and industrial products. From design and product development, to scalable mass production with retail packaging capabilities and supply chain management solutions, OSM offers services to global brands from its business centers located in major cities around the world including Dallas, Dongguan, Huizhou, Hong Kong, Delhi, Seoul and Stockholm. Among many other product categories, the OSM Group designs, develops and manufactures headphones, representing hundreds of thousands of units per year, and works with several leading household brands.

Founded originally in Sweden, in 2020 the OSM Group acquired Flexworks, a leading ODM developer and manufacturer of products with a focus on electronics, radio, acoustics, sensors, power and with a specialty in harsh environments product engineering. With this acquisition, OSM gained even more capabilities in electronics development, design, testing and manufacturing of technically advanced electronics products such as headphones, passive and active hearing protection, sensors, wearables, and smart home solutions.

Dirac’s renowned spatial audio solution integrates directly with headphone chipsets to deliver spatial audio to consumers, independent of playback devices or media players – for elevated music listening, gaming, movie watching, and business communication experiences.

"Adoption of Dirac in headphones is accelerating, and our agreement with OSM Group is further evidence of increased demand for high quality audio in headphones," says Lars Isaksson, Dirac VP of Headphone & Streaming Audio. "It’s a significant vote of confidence that a market-leading manufacturer like OSM sees the opportunity to work with Dirac to democratize high-quality audio throughout its impressive partner base that includes some of the world’s most prestigious headphone brands."

The integration of spatial audio onto the headphone DSP is an industry-first and a major leap in the evolution of audio technology. Traditionally, digital sound optimization technology for headphones has had to run on smartphones, media player, or other playback systems. Dirac’s ability to integrate its algorithms directly into headphone chipset opens up a new world of innovation and differentiation for headphone makers.

"Our agreement with Dirac uniquely positions us to create new headphone sound profiles that enhance how people experience audio, whether it’s music, gaming, or business communications," says OSM Group Chief Technology Officer Oscar Hemberg (and former owner of Flexworks). "We look forward to developing products and taking them to market with the strength of Dirac’s incredible headphone technology incorporated. Thanks to Dirac, our partners — and their end consumers — will benefit from achieving uniquely differentiated, acoustically rich sound."

Dirac’s spatial audio solution for headphones comes with two key features: spatial audio and speaker optimization. The spatial audio feature is enabled by Dirac’s patented Dynamic HRTF technology, creating an immersive stereo listening experience from standard stereo content similar to what is achievable with a home theater system – without requiring specifically encoded spatial audio content.

The speaker optimization feature is delivered by Dirac’s patented magnitude response correction and impulse response correction, digitally enhancing headphone performance without an expensive hardware upgrade. The result is maximized sound quality – with clearer, balanced sound with richer, tighter bass.
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