Dirac Research Makes PC Market Debut With Sound Optimization for Fujitsu

March 26 2019, 06:10
Dirac Research announced that its sound optimization technologies are now incorporated into the new line of Fujitsu PCs produced by Fujitsu Client Computing Limited (Kawasaki, Japan). According to Dirac General Manager of Mobile Erik Rudolphi, the expansion effectively transforms the audio experience delivered by desktop and laptop computers and points the way to the future for a product category that is increasingly being used for gaming and media streaming. 

“At Dirac, we don’t chase new markets; we focus on inventing the future of sound and understand that by developing truly pioneering digital audio solutions new markets will open to us,” states Rudolphi. “That was as true of the luxury automotive market, from which we were born, as the PC market, where we venture next. The desktop and laptop are increasingly used for gaming and video streaming, and customers are now demanding a high quality audio experience that’s on-par with its visual display. We’re excited to enter the PC market and establish our solutions as the foundation for a new generation of PC audio.” 

The Fujitsu ESPRIMO FH70/D1 and FH77/D1 models are the first PCs to leverage Dirac’s digital audio solutions – which are already implemented by companies such as Bentley, Rolls Royce, Volvo, BMW, Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, OnePlus, Harman, Datasat and many other blue-chip brands as well as professional mixing studios and cinemas. More recently, the company applied its audio expertise to the mobile market, where its solutions optimize the performance of the small and micro-speakers used in smartphones and portable speakers to deliver a louder, more pristine sound experience. It’s this experience that will allow Dirac to effectively disrupt the PC audio industry.

“Dirac has dedicated the last 7 years to pioneering digital audio algorithms that allow small and micro-speakers to deliver big sound, of high quality, despite their inherently small size. We’ve collaborated with the industry’s most respected speaker OEMs and smartphone brands to establish a new standard in smartphone audio. Now, as we break into the PC market, we will lean on this extensive experience and expertise to deliver the industry an entirely new calibre of PC audio that will add a new dimension to gaming, movies, video-conferencing, and more,” adds Rudolphi.

The Dirac technologies integrated into the ESPRIMO models provide the all-in-one PC with enhanced audio performance through patented frequency and impulse response correction technology. The PC also features Dirac’s volume enhancement technology, specifically tailored for small speakers, that allows the device to produce louder audio without sacrificing on quality.
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