Digigram Eases Audio-over-IP Migration With New Audioway Bridge

July 31 2017, 04:00
French Audio-over-IP pioneer, Digigram announced the release of its new Audioway Bridge, the first in the company's new Audioway range of IP studio solutions. Serving as an all-in-one gateway between legacy and IP audio equipment in the studio, or in multiple studios connected by a managed network, Audioway Bridge allows users to input MADI, AES67, RAVENNA, Dante/AES67, Livewire+, or AES/EBU and route audio to output in any one of these formats, and guarantees clock synchronization between systems.

By facilitating use of familiar legacy audio equipment alongside newer IP-based systems in on-air broadcasting, production or any audio distribution application, Audioway Bridge reduces the cost and complexity of migrating to IP. "Audioway Bridge offers the smart studio interfaces that allow for a seamless IP migration. This first product in the Audioway range demonstrates our depth of experience in designing mission-critical equipment for audio-over-IP applications," says Pascal Malgouyard, head of marketing at Digigram.

As a complete single-box system, Digigram's Audioway Bridge can replace more costly and complicated gateways that can be too specialized to facilitate operations and migration schemes. Occupying just one rack unit, the all-in-one gateway not only bridges audio-over-IP (AoIP) streams and legacy signals, but also ensures clock synchronization between the two systems.

The Audioway Bridge features dual AES67 gigabit 2 x 64 full-duplex I/O channels, and is equipped with both 64/64 MADI I/O and 8/8 AES/EBU legacy interfaces, as well as a high-precision PTP master clock addressing all synchronization between IP and legacy audio. PTP synchronization also combines with ultra large receiver buffering (20 milliseconds) to support a flexible IP highway on a managed wide area network.

Operation of the Audioway Bridge is simple thanks to its embedded routing matrix and support for the open-source EMBER+ protocol, which eases connections to studio management systems. In addition to SIP for Unicast streams, the Digigram gateway is capable of discovering both RAVENNA (mDNS) and SAP (Dante/AES67) AoIP streams, the former with ultra-low latency down to one sample per packet.

The Audioway Bridge from Digigram is scheduled to be available in the fourth quarter 2017.
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