Devialet Announces Improved Gold Phantom with 4,500 Watts

June 28 2016, 05:00
Devialet convinced Apple to sell its revolutionary Phantom speaker in Apple Stores worldwide, and sure enough, Devialet signaled the honor with the launch of a rose gold version, which is not only to match the rose gold iPhone or iPad. Instead the Phantom Gold introduces a new Phantom reference model, with 4,500 watts and improved specifications, such as an improved response from 14Hz to 27kHz and only .0005% THD. A new pinnacle from a speaker project involving 88 patents that costed $30M to develop.

According to Devialet, the new Phantom Gold is able to reach a maximum volume of 108db SPL – equivalent to a live rock concert - enabled by 4,500 Watts of power - equivalent to 8 regular Phantoms, causing the physical impact of deeper bass. The higher frequency response is supported by a new titanium tweeter, able to reach 27kHz, while the speaker is now driven by a new core ADH (Analog Digital Hybrid amplification) system.

With this new model, the French high-end audio brand now offers three different versions of its highly praised speaker, starting with the original White Phantom (750 Watts, $1,990) and followed by the Silver Phantom (3,000 Watts, $2,390). The Gold Phantom with its 22kt Rose Gold-finish now represents the highest-end of the acclaimed Devialet Phantom range, available for pre-order on the company’s website at a retail price of $2,990, with shipping announced to begin (appropriately) on Bastille Day, the 14th of July 2016.

The new 4,500-watt Gold Phantom maintains the essential of the compact and beautiful spherical design of the two original models, which introduced the first sub-$2000 completely integrated and totally wireless (WiFi and stereo Bluetooth) sound center, replacing all other audio components. Any of Devialet’s Phantom speakers is able to reproduce a soundstage of speakers much larger in size, which is achieved by increasing the maximum air pressure inside the enclosure.

By using speakers that are flush with the surface of a perfect sphere, the Phantom also offers a unique portable design, complete with integrated amplification and the company’s SAM processing technology which controls the speaker’s behavior. This combination is essential to manage the response of the two Devialet-exclusive powerful HBI (Heart Bass Implosion) high-excursion bass drivers moving in perfect symmetry, creating a whole new level of physical impact.

All Phantom models are completely upgradable systems, and Devialet is constantly improving its functionalities with free updates, including the support for new music services and wireless standards.
The packaging for the new Devialet Gold Phantom is also special.
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