Danish Podspeakers Launches New Wireless MicroPod

December 1 2017, 05:00
The new MicroPod Bluetooth MKII is the first in a series of new and fully portable Podspeakers with Bluetooth and built-in battery from the famous Danish Podspeakers brand. The new small but powerful speaker combines Bluetooth and Truewireless technology, allowing perfect pairing with two units for a wireless stereo setup that can be taken anywhere thanks to the built-in battery. The MicroPod Bluetooth MKII is sold individually – including a set of black spikes.

The original Podspeakers are among the world’s most recognized loudspeakers and true design icons, and have set a benchmark for what can be achieved when moving away from conventional square box designs. Since the early days of Scandyna selling speakers and speaker components to Bowers & Wilkins, the introduction of the highly acclaimed Podspeaker and MiniPod speakers, designed by Simon Ghahary and Lawrence Dickie – both of whom play a significant role in the development of the world-famous B&W Nautilus series - the company’s designs have always remained a symbol of unique design and impressive sound.

The first MicroPod was launched in 2001. Design wise it originates from the iconic MiniPod, but as the name suggests, the form factor is somewhat smaller. The discrete dimensions make it suitable for standing on the desk or shelf, while the supplied detachable legs will make it look as if it floats freely in the room.

The new MicroPod Bluetooth MKII uses the familiar form factor, but unlike the first MicroPod, the new speaker reflects the technological development and is therefore both active and 100% wireless. It uses the latest Bluetooth technology and the new True Wireless (TWS) implementation allows perfect wireless stereo pairing. The MicroPod Bluetooth MKII can be used alone, and will deliver an outstanding music experience. However, with two MicroPods, and the True Wireless stereo support, users can achieve the complete stereo experience.

At the same time, the MicroPod Bluetooth MKII is the first stand-alone speaker in the Podspeakers series. It has built-in battery and plays up to 10+ hours, which makes it easier than ever to take the music anywhere. With a weight of only 1.1 Kg (the cabinet material is ABS), this active speaker uses a 3” glass fiber woofer, and a 0.75” dome silk tweeter. Internally the MicroPod Bluetooth MKII combines a 10 W Class D amplifier with DSP, and a Qualcomm/CSR CS8670 Bluetooth module, still achieving a remarkably low power consumption (16.5W max). Apart from supporting A2DP, AVRCP, and SBC Bluetooth profiles, the speaker offers an additional USB port for charging external devices and an auxiliary, 3.5mm mini-jack analogue input.

The MicroPod Bluetooth MKII is now available for Euro 199 in three colors (Matte Red, Matte Black and Satin White), and ships with rubber feet, black aluminum spikes, DC power adaptor (9V DC 2.5A) and EU, US, and UK power plugs. Additional aluminum spikes (legs) are available in Soft Gold, Dark Metal and Soft Silver.

Podspeakers are produced by EET Group A/S and distributed by EET Europarts and selected distributors. The company behind the Podspeakers brand today, EET Group, believes that the design is significant enough to remain iconic as a modern classic that continues to be relevant to a lifestyle and design oriented global audience. EET continues to breathe new life into the Podspeakers range, and to ensure that the speakers match the needs of modern consumers, preserving the core focus on iconic design with great sound.
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