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CES 2013 Update

November 29 2012, 13:01

The 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) will be held from January 8–11, 2013, in Las Vegas, NV. (Now in its 45th year, the show debuted in June 1967 in New York, NY, with 200 exhibitors and 17,500 attendees.) The 2013 International CES, now considered the world’s most important consumer technology event, will feature product debuts from more than 3,000 exhibitors, covering more than 30 product areas, including the latest in content, wireless, digital imaging, mobile electronics, home theater, and audio, with a continued focus on electric vehicles and in-vehicle technology.

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), which sponsors the CES, recently announced it was awarded “The Most Innovative Organization” by Trade Show Executive magazine. The magazine also granted the International CES recognition as “The Most Innovative Green Initiatives by Show Management” for strides in “greening” at the 2012 International CES. Trade Show Executive’s 10th Annual Reader’s Choice Innovation Awards salute those who are making waves, from show managers to exhibitors, attendees, and the entire exposition industry. CES has earned top honors as the largest annual trade show since the Gold 100 Awards began four years ago.
Building on its green initiatives, the 2013 International CES will again feature the Sustainable Planet TechZone to showcase world-changing technologies that benefit the environment, utilize new sustainable energy forms, use smart grid technology, renew resources, and contribute to the global development. This exhibit area will feature products and services that make it possible for everyone to stay connected, informed, and live sustainable lifestyles. The GoElectricDrive TechZone will also highlight the latest technology behind electric vehicles for consumers seeking to live more sustainably through alternative transportation.

There will also be more than 200 conference sessions and more than 500 presenters anticipated to help educate attendees on the latest consumer electronic trends. This year’s CES is expected to be similar in size to last year’s show with about 150,000 people expected to attend. CES had 3,100 exhibitors in 2012, 2,700 in 2011, 2,500 in 2010, and 2,700 in 2009. With regard to attendees, CES had 156,153 in 2012, 141,000 in 2011, 120,000 in 2010, approximately 110,000 in 2009, and 141,150 in 2008.

The 2013 CES will be centralized at the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) and the Las Vegas Hilton. The Venetian will still provide display space for high-performance audio.
Keynote speakers at this year’s show will include Gary Shapiro, CEA’s president and CEO; Kazuhiro Tsuga, Panasonic’s president; Lowell McAdam, Verizon’s chairman and CEO; Dr. Paul E. Jacobs, Qualcomm’s chairman and CEO; and Dr. Stephen Woo, president of Samsung Electronics Device Solutions.

A partial list of loudspeaker manufacturers and other relevant exhibitors includes: Acoustic Innovation, Adam Audio USA, Alpine Electronics, Amp of America, Anthony Gallo Acoustics, Aspersion, Arcam/Canton, Audio Engine, Bang & Loosen America, Bob Carver, Cadence Acoustics, California Audio Technologies, CDT Audio Stonewall, Crewing Vega Mobile, Clarion, Danville Signal Technology, Dayton Audio, dB Drag Racing Association, Devour Fidelity, Dyadic, Earthquake Sound, Edifier Enterprises Canada, Eggleston Works, Focus Audio, Genesis Advanced Technologies, Gibson Guitar, Golden Ear Technology, Harman, Harman Luxury Audio Group, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), International Auto Sound Challenge Association (IASCA), Ion Audio, Jam, JBL Synthesis, Kenwood USA, Kicker, Kirsch Group, Krill, LA Audio Electronics, Lawrence Audio, LG, Line 6, Logitech, Loud Soft, Magic, Marten, Martin Logan, Massive Audio, Matrix Audio, MBL America, McIntosh Labs, Melon Industrial, Meridian American, Memphis Car Audio, Meridian America, Mite, Monster, Mordant-Short, Monitor Audio, Morel, Motes Audio, Maim Audio, Nola Speakers, Only USA, Opera Loudspeakers, Orca Electronics/Focal America, Paradigm Electronics, Parasound, Peachtree Audio, Peerless Fabrikkerne (India), Pioneer Electronics/TAD, PMC, Polk Audio, PowerBass USA, Prism Sound, PSB Speakers, Pure Acoustics, Pyle Audio, Raidho Acoustics, RBH Sound, Rel Acoustics, Revel, Rives Audio, Russound, Samson Technologies, Samsung, Shanghai Silver Flute, Sonos, Sony, Soundmatters, Tannoy, Thiel Audio, THX, Tivoli Audio, Totem Acoustics, Usher Audio, Vandersteen Audio, Velodyne Acoustics, Vienna Acoustics, Voxx International, Waterfall Audio, WBT USA, Westlake Audio, Wharfedale, Wilson Audio, Wisdom Audio, YG Acoustics, and Zimri Speakers. Visit for more information.

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