Celestion Delivers Modern Gutsy British Sound with Launch of Seventy 80 IR Collection

November 1 2019, 00:30
Celestion, the premier manufacturer of guitar and bass loudspeakers celebrated for their classic guitar tones, announced the introduction of the Seventy 80 Collection of Impulse Responses, the digital recreation of their very popular Seventy 80 guitar loudspeaker. The new Seventy 80 Collection, along with the impressive collection of authentic Celestion guitar speaker tones, is available for audition and download at CelestionPlus.

The Celestion Seventy 80 speaker was conceived in the late 1990s as the G12P-80 and has gone on to become one of the most popular and widespread guitar speakers that the company has ever produced, having found its way into a huge number of amps and cabs around the world. Delivering a modern, gutsy British sound, the Seventy 80 packs a serious punch, taking the sound of a ceramic magnet guitar speaker to new levels.

With a detailed and crisply defined tone, the Seventy 80 has a tightly controlled, hefty low-end with a punchy, aggressive and dynamic upper mid-range. Its top-end response is clear and glassy for enhanced treble and a full-range feel without compromising its undeniable Celestion character. The Seventy 80’s low notes are tight, partnered with an upper register that has definition, and clarity, making it an excellent choice for searing lead lines or sparkling rhythm work: for all the guitar parts that are needed to really cut through the mix. Now Celestion has captured the popular Seventy 80 tone in a digitally downloadable Impulse Response.
The Celestion Seventy 80 IR collection is available in five classic cabinet configurations including:
1×12 (open back)
1×12 (closed back)
2×12 (open back)
2×12 (closed back)
4×12 (closed back)

Celestion Impulse Responses capture the essential behavior of the cabinet in the specific space in which it was recorded, including the frequency and phase response of single drivers as well as the interaction of multiple speakers, offer the user significant benefits. In both recording and live production, Celestion IRs enable the desired tone to be precisely and consistently reproduced regardless of the music recording or live sound environment.

The new Seventy 80 impulse responses, as with all genuine Celestion IRs, have been digitally captured by expert sound engineers in a world-class recording studio, meticulous recording techniques and state –of-the-art equipment. Celestion used the same range of professional, studio mics (Shure SM57, Royer R-121 and Sennheiser MD421) in the same six fully-adjustable positions as the current range of cabinet impulse response to offer the same options – Balanced, Bright, Thin, Fat, Dark and Dark 2, as well as an additional rear mic for the open back cabinets. The Seventy 80 impulse responses have additionally been recorded using a Neumann TLM 107 room mic (Left, Right and Stereo) for the widest range of tonal options possible.

The Celestion Seventy 80 IRs can be purchased individually or as a collection for a nearly 50% discount. As with all of Celestion’s best-selling ranges of speaker Impulse Responses, the new Seventy 80 IRs are downloaded in .WAV format to ensure compatibility with the majority of amp modeling software and plug-ins.

The Seventy 80 Impulse Responses join Celestion’s comprehensive range of acclaimed guitar speaker Impulse Responses including:  A-Type,  Celestion Blue,  Celestion Cream, Celestion Gold, Celestion Ruby, Classic Lead 80, G10 Greenback, Heritage G12H 55Hz, Heritage G12M, G12 EVH, G12K-100, G12-35XC, G12T-75,  G12-50GL Lynchback,   G12-H150 Redback, G12M Greenback, G12M-65 Creamback, G12M-75 Creamback, G12H Anniversary, G12-65, Neo Creamback, V-Type,  Vintage 30 and other models as well as Bass IRs including the BN10-200X,  BN15-300X, PULSE10, PULSE12 and PULSE15.
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