CanJam Europe 2017 with New Expanded Location in Berlin

October 30 2017, 03:10
Headphone show CanJam Europe will opens its doors November 4-5, 2017, in Berlin, Germany, allowing visitors to see and listen to numerous world premieres, in direct cooperation with hifi show High End Munich. Following previous editions in Essen, the European headphone show will be held for the first time at music hotel nhow, right in creative district Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, of Berlin, Germany. The 2017 edition of the show is promising more than 100 headphone brands and related audio electronics and accessories for interested visitors to test, compare and buy.

Now in its fifth edition, CanJam Europe has been creating some controversy for the fact that it's promoters have registered the brand "CanJam" in Germany, the same name of the series of shows promoted by in the US (NYC, Los Angeles, and Denver/RMAF), UK, Singapore and China. Without any connection to those other shows, CanJam Europe is promoted by the KMS event UG agency ( with support from leading audio magazines in Germany and headphone websites and Starting in 2018, CanJam Europe will be cooperating with the world’s premiere hifi show “High End” on May 10th to 13th in Munich, Germany. At this additional event, CanJam Europe @ High End will unite the world of portable hifi with classic high end hifi.

For 2017, the CanJam Europe promoters are promising visitors an expanded event with the latest offerings from major German headphone brands Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic and Ultrasone, as well as international manufacturers like Stax, Grado, Audeze and Hifiman. Hifi headphones will meet pro-audio gear from Shure, and Westone at this show, while newcomers such as German Hörluchs, 1More from Asia, Modenaudio from Italy and Dixo from Israel will present themselves for the first time to visitors in Germany. Portable audio players and amplifiers from Astell&Kern, Lehmann Audio, Violectric and many other manufacturers will complete the event.

The show is now hosted at music hotel nhow, a modern central location, in Berlin. The crème de la crème will be there: at the booth of German headphone experts Sennheiser, visitors can hear the new, 50,000-euros top model HE-1 (Orpheus) in direct comparison with its extremely rare ancestor, while Hifiman shows not only its new model Susvara, but also its 50,000-Euros flagship Shangri-La at the show booth in Berlin. Exhibitor Hörlux will also bring its headphone truck to CanJam Europe, where visitors can test the manufacturer's entire range of products

Many new products will premiere at the show, such as Sennheiser’s brand-new headphone HD660S, successor to the legendary HD650 and Beyerdynamic’s new wireless headphone Avento that stores individual sound profiles for its users. 1More will have the world’s first THX-certified headphone at CanJam Europe, Grado from New York will show its rare GH2 on display, which is limited to just 2,000 pieces worldwide, as well as its new flagship model PS2000e for approx. 3,000 Euros. Chord will demo Poly the new add-on to its highly popular portable amp/DAC Mojo, that turns it into a high resolution streaming and playback device.

Hi-fidelity streaming service provider Qobuz has exclusively provided CanJam Europe 2017 with a special playlist of headphone-friendly songs. The free voucher code, which every trade visitor receives, can be used directly on site. 

Other highlights at CanJam Europe in Berlin will include Audio-Technica's ATH-DSR9BT, ATH-DSR7BT, and ATH-ADX5000 headphones, Etymotic's world premiere of the ER3SE and ER3XR in-ears,    Grado's presentation of its top model PS2000e with hybrid construction and dynamic drivers, while Meier Audio will show two prototypes presented by developer Dr. Jan Meier.

On electronics, Dixo Audio will introduce its new R-2R USB/SPDIF portable DAC, presented by developer and owner Dmitry Bandurian, and Eternal Arts will show its OTL headphone amplifier, presented by Dr. Burkhardt Schwäbe. Audio Precision is showing its new APx Bluetooth Duo interface module for the APx audio analyzer series, together with the new binaural headphone tester AECM206.

At the show, visitors will also find more affordable but high quality in-ear, on-ear- or over-ear-headphones, together with the latest mobile and high-res players, matching amplifiers, converters, or cables in every price category. The complete list of exhibitors can be found at Many of the exhibitors offer discounts at the show.

CanJam Europe
Saturday 4, and Sunday 5, November 2017
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