Bluesound Launches Professional Suite of Streaming Distributed Audio Products for Commercial Spaces at InfoComm 2019

June 6 2019, 00:30
Bluesound Professional is a new division of Lenbrook International, the home of brands such as NAD, PSB, and Bluesound, extending the group's reach from premium audio technologies for residential also to commercial applications.
The new Bluesound Professional brand will be launching a raft of completely new products at InfoComm 2019, including multi-zone streamers, amplifiers, speakers, and controllers. The company aims to offer a versatile range of premium audio streaming solutions for commercial installers.
A complete rack of Bluesound Professional, featuring at the center the A860 8-Channel Power Amplifier. On the side is the new CP 100 Wall Mount Controller, with basic playback controls and preset buttons.

Extending the premium distributed audio ecosystem for commercial spaces, Bluesound Professional will launch a full suite of products including two streamers, two amplifiers, a powered speaker, a control panel, and rack-mount accessories. First previewed in Amsterdam at the Integrated Systems Europe 2019 show, Bluesound Professional products will start shipping in Summer 2019.

At their core, Bluesound Professional products feature the established BluOS multi-zone audio content management interface, seamlessly integrated into purpose-designed hardware, creating conflict-free solutions for commercial applications. Bluesound Professional products are designed to suit a variety of commercial use cases where music content is used to create branded experiences, including in restaurants, bars, cafés, hotels, gyms, malls, and other similar spaces. 

When on the same network, the devices discover and interface with each other, and using the BluOS Controller App for desktops and smart devices, a Bluesound Professional wall mount controller, or one of the popular control systems integrated with BluOS, installers can then configure a nearly limitless number of zones of streamed audio content from a variety of sources, including commercially-licensed music from SoundMachine.

“We are pleased to be able to offer the commercial audio installer community a robust collection of products that are designed with their specific use cases in mind,” says Graeme Harrison, Vice-President and General Manager of Bluesound Professional. “There is truly nothing else like it in the commercial audio space. Bluesound Professional is the most comprehensive, seamless, and stable streaming distributed audio solution on the market, and we look forward to introducing the brand and products to the attendees of InfoComm 2019 and beyond.” 

The Bluesound Professional suite of products can be grouped into five (5) categories: streamers, amplifiers, speakers, controllers, and accessories. 
The new B100S BluOS Network Streaming Player, and B400S 4-Zone BluOS Network Streaming Player, front and rear views

Streamers represent the most central building block of a Bluesound Professional system, augmenting new or existing installations with configurable, zoned audio streaming capabilities. There are two streamers in the Bluesound Professional line, the B100S BluOS Network Streaming Player and the B400S 4-Zone BluOS Network Streaming Player. Both of these products are designed to be rack mounted and connected to either a distribution amplifier with passive speakers, or directly into powered speakers. As single devices, the B100S fits into a 1/3U rack space and can stream to one zone, while the B400S fits a 1U rack space and can stream to up to four zones. 

Bluesound Professional offers two amplifiers: the A860 8-Channel Power Amplifier and the B160S BluOS Streaming Stereo Amplifier. The A860 is a traditional distribution amplifier designed to be a companion to the streamers, while the B160S is a 2-channel amplifier that has the network streaming benefits of BluOS built in, for a compact way to deliver audio content to a zone.

The new suite of products will also include speakers. Featuring a 3.5” (89 mm) low-frequency driver and a 1” (25.4 mm) high-frequency driver, the BSP125 is a 25 watt, efficiently amplified speaker with built-in DSP to allow for equalization and other audio processing. It is also BluOS Enabled, meaning it will connect to network-accessible music sources and communicate with other BluOS devices on the same network. With surprisingly robust response across the frequency range (45 Hz – 20 kHz) for its size and a THD+N rating of 0.003% at full-rated power, the BSP125 is a versatile, premium sounding speaker for any commercial installation.
B160S BluOS Streaming Stereo Amplifier, front and rear view, and 6 units mounted in rack accessory

Bluesound Professional products can be controlled with the free BluOS Controller app for Windows and Mac desktops, and for iOS and Android smart devices as well as from many third party control systems. For those who prefer working with hardware controls, the CP100 is a low-profile, wall-mounted, illuminated touch-sensitive controller. With a variety of international backboxes and powered by PoE, it is easy to install and connect to a network to control Bluesound Professional devices. The controller can be locked to protect against unintended or unauthorized use. 
BSP125 BluOS Streaming Speaker, front and rear view, black and white finishes

Finally, the RM100 and the RM160 rack accessories are designed to complement the B100S BluOS Network Streaming Player and the B160S BluOS Streaming Stereo Amplifier respectively. The RM100 will hold up to 3 x B100S players in a 1U rack space, while the B160S will hold up to 6 x B160S in a 3U rack space. These accessories allow for maximum versatility and space efficiency in a system head.

In general, all Bluesound Professional products feature easy-to-install hardware, a variety of standard inputs and outputs, including secure Phoenix connectors for balanced analog and TOSLINK, and remote 12V trigger, IR, and system interrupt, as well as hardwired Gigabit ethernet (RJ 45) for reliable network connections. All BluOS Enabled Bluesound Professional products feature network discovery, device self-discovery, and guided set-up and advanced customization options. Installations will be able to natively stream from SoundMachine, a music service licensed specifically for commercial use, as well as from other popular music streaming services.

Product Previews
Bluesound Professional will be also previewing two Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) speakers and two PoE controllers at InfoComm 2019 (Orlando, Florida, June 12-14). The four PoE products on preview will complement the suite of streamers, amplifiers, powered speaker, control panel, and accessories. The first of the PoE products is expected to ship in late 2019.

“We believe in creating an ecosystem that optimizes versatility and ease of installation, and therefore the use of PoE combined with the powerful processing capabilities of the BluOS distributed audio platform is core to our next release of products,” says Graeme Harrison, Vice-President and General Manager of Bluesound Professional.
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