Bluesound Improves Bass Options With Powered and Wireless PULSE SUB+

September 23 2020, 01:15
Bluesound, the company behind the versatile high-resolution wireless multiroom line of audio players, announced the PULSE SUB+, an all-new subwoofer addition to the brand’s high-performance ecosystem. The SUB+ adds deep bass to any wireless or wired Bluesound system and features the convenience of precision app control. The new Bluesound model builds on everything the original PULSE SUB offered and takes it to the next level.

Like the rest of the Bluesound product family, the PULSE SUB+ is a from-scratch design, created to combine practicality and performance in one elegant product. An 8” long-throw woofer and 150W Smart Amplifier with DSP delivers low frequencies to a deep 22Hz. Acoustically, the design approach is true to the brand’s musically-inclined HiFi heritage and results in a tight, quick, musical subwoofer, equally well suited for music or home theater. 

Bluesound aimed for maximum output from minimal size (18” W X 11.8” H X 5.75”D) to blend into any room application and any décor, staying true to the belief that a subwoofer doesn’t have to be either large or imposing. This design philosophy results in a sleek, compact, and versatile product that promises to satisfy in both performance and aesthetics.

Bluesound designed the PULSE SUB+ to be simple and it starts by using the BluOS Controller app to quickly setup and pair it with any Bluesound product. With BluOS onboard, users benefit from simple and intuitive app controls for volume, crossover, and phase adjustment. Easy software control means more options and more precision as users dial in the best settings for their ideal listening experience.

For placement flexibility, a SUB+ wall mount bracket is included to allow this versatile subwoofer to be located almost anywhere in the room. The magnetic rubber feet can also be used to stand the SUB+ vertically for placement behind or beside a sofa or chair, or it can be placed horizontally underneath a couch or end table. Wireless connectivity and the choice of Black or White finish allows an even wider range of décor options. 

An all-new 150W smart DSP amplifier platform with a custom-designed power supply allows the SUB+ to play louder, with tighter, more musical control. Now boasting an 8” driver, the SUB+ pushes more air and gives the amplifier some more room to maneuver. With its BluOS smarts, the PULSE SUB+ offers a meaningful addition to virtually any entertainment setup, offering tight, dynamic power, perfect for enjoying movies or music at home. For even more bass, users can add a second SUB+ via the BluOS Controller app and optimize the in-room settings with the advanced audio controls.

Like all Bluesound PULSE speaker models, the acoustic design and speaker voicing for the PULSE SUB+ was performed at Canada’s National Research Council by Lenbrook's renowned speaker design and engineering team. "At Bluesound, we take pride in the uniqueness and innovation instilled into our products and the PULSE speakers are no exception", comments Matt Simmonds, Product Manager for Bluesound. "The SUB+ builds on our original PULSE SUB and takes it to the next level by combining deep bass, wireless convenience and flexible applications and does so at an affordable price."

The Bluesound PULSE SUB+ ($749 U.S. MSRP) is offered in a choice of Black or White finish and is configurable to a wide range of applications. For ease of installation, it comes supplied with a wall mount bracket and magnetic rubber feet. Available to pre-order now, the SUB+ will begin shipping in late October 2020.
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