beyerdynamic Quinta TB Wireless Boundary Microphone for Meeting Solutions

July 3 2017, 03:10
beyerdynamic introduced the Quinta TB wireless boundary microphones for the beyerdynamic Quinta latest generation of wireless conference systems, in response to what the company believes to be the often undervalued role of voice transmission during video conferences. The new boundary microphone is a plug and play solution for applications in small meeting rooms, leveraging the brand's Quinta Triple Band digital wireless transmission technology, with 128-bit encryption.

"Flexibility, effectivity and cost optimization are the primary factors when deciding to purchase video conference systems or microphones for meeting rooms," states beyerdynamic. "The new boundary microphones can be operated with the fully equipped Quinta Control Unit CU or the new Quinta RS control unit, which has been optimized for small meetings and video conferences at an attractive price-performance ratio."

beyerdynamic's new Quinta wireless conference system is already the 5th generation of such systems from the German company, and includes not only microphone units with gooseneck microphones and Revoluto array microphones, but also wireless handheld microphones, which provide the same functionality as the microphone units. The wireless boundary microphones can be used as microphone or conference microphone unit and essentially add great freedom of movement for users, with simple setup.

The complete Quinta solution with the new wireless boundary layer microphone was demonstrated at the Infocomm 2017 show in Orlando, FL. Different operating modes can be set using the system software. In microphone mode, the Quinta CU acts as a multi-channel receiver, in which case a maximum of four Quinta TB's microphones (depending on the size of the room and the number of participants) can be operated simultaneously. In this mode, the software can be used to connect several central control units. In the conference mode, the Quinta TB acts as a delegate microphone unit and can be used for any traditional conference applications.
The tried-and-tested Quinta Triple Band technology ensures uninterrupted transmission. The system operates with the highest HD audio quality and 128 bit encryption and a 24-bit PIN code guarantee protection against eavesdropping. The system is distinguished by its speedy recharging time and a long operating time of at least 14 hours. A three-color backlit button made from silicone with tactile feedback and Braille makes the device accessible, shows all participants the status of the microphone and enables use of the global mute, push-to-talk and push-to-mute modes.

The Quinta TB takes standard NiMH batteries, and a charging dock is available, requiring a maximum of 2 hours to charge. Alternatively, the microphone can be operated and charged with a power adapter. The microphone is also equipped with Scudio technology, making it RFI proof so that no mobile phone interference will occur.

"The Quinta TB is a great addition to the Quinta conference room microphone product line. Its adaptability sets it apart in the market, combined with the quality that all beyerdynamic products encompass," says Alan Feckanin, Director Americas.
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