beyerdynamic Pairs TYGR 300 R Headphone with FOX Studio Microphone for Gaming Bundle

January 2 2019, 00:35
Scheduled for a CES 2019 debut, beyerdynamic has paired its TYGR 300 R Headphone with the FOX Studio Microphone for a gaming bundle that could also be a great setup for Skype communications and even podcasting. As a leading manufacturer of headphones, microphones and conferencing products, the new TEAM TYGR bundle creates a great combination of a high-quality headphone model with adjustable yokes and a spring steel headband to adapt to any head size, together with a professional-quality USB studio microphone.

The new TYGR 300 R dynamic open-back headphone was designed for gaming applications in quiet environments and features an innovative acoustic fleece with soft ear cushions. The single-sided connection cable is terminated with a 3-pole, gold-plated mini jack plug and a screw-on gold plated adapter.

Paired with the TYGR 300 R, the FOX Professional USB Studio Microphone creates an enhanced gaming experience, leveraging a large-diaphragm condenser microphone for high-quality sound with immense features, including integrated headphone output that allows listening in real time without any delays. The sensitivity of the cardioid microphone can be adjusted through a gain switch and, for enhanced recording, audio signals can be mixed through a mix control. 

The FOX is Mac and Windows PC compatible through a built-in USB port to create the ultimate recording solution for studios, home recordings and mobile recordings. Users simply need to set up microphone FOX, connect it via USB and plug TYGR 300 R into the headphone jack. No driver installation is required, and FOX is immediately recognized as an audio device and can be used right away. One knob sets the headphone level, a second one mixes the game sound with the direct microphone sound for latency free monitoring through the headphones. A mute button cuts the microphone when required. With little to no effort, the setup is ready to broadcast straight to the web.

beyerdynamic’s new TEAM TYGR bundle also features refined sound for object localization combined with seamless speech intelligibility from FOX’s large diaphragm condenser capsule. The complete TEAM TYGR set is available in the United States with an MSRP of $399.00 USD, and in Europe for 349,00 euros (including 19% VAT).
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