audioXpress July 2016 Now Available for Download, Directly from the Speaker Factory to Your Hands

June 10 2016, 06:10
The July 2016 issue of audioXpress is now available and includes something for everyone. On our cover, we highlight our Factory Tour of Sinar Baja Electric — the birthplace of speaker driver brand SB Acoustics — where we reveal the usually hidden perspective of speaker manufacturing, from design concept to finished products. There’s an exaggerated notion that everything is made in China these days, but the story of this Indonesian company with its own dedicated design team in Denmark, serves to show how truly global the industry really is.
Another cover highlight is the Show Report about The Exciting Sounds of Audio Expo North America (AXPONA) 2016, by Oliver Masciarotte. In his article, Oliver highlights some of new and notable products, from headphones and DACs to amplifiers and (some) speakers that caught his attention.
The next highlight is a DIY project, which we are certain will excite many of our readers, because this is not your average experimental build. With the D70 Stereo Tube Amplifier, Mark Driedger shares what can be considered almost the work of a lifetime, a unique, world-class tube amplifier that’s designed to appeal to the eyes as well as the ears. As Driedger himself states it, “the D70 is my “magnum opus” — a no-holds-barred attempt to build a world-class tube power amplifier. Over the years, the design has been modified but it is now complete.”
Next up is a valuable tutorial, written by Gus Noelcke from Audio Precision, explaining how to test Dante-enabled devices. Now that professional audio gear is rapidly converting to audio network-based technologies, with Audinate’s Dante clearly dominating the number of products available from the largest number of brands, anyone in the audio industry should understand how to test and measure audio signals, which are available only through this network interface.
And as we said, the July 2016 issue is one of those with a large variety of topics and perspectives. As usual, in his article series, Ron Tipton, shares his own experiences with all sorts of technologies, formats, and practices in search of the best sound. This month, he revisits Room Correction solutions, explaining how you can physically change the room by decreasing reflected sound, increasing the absorption, or both, prior to applying any corrective equalization.
On a similar note, Richard Honeycutt’s column “Sound Control” shares his sometimes entertaining real-world experience on practicing acoustic science, in “Deaf Designers and Blind Acousticians — Tales from the Trenches.”
The next two articles will certainly be appreciated by many of our readers interested in the practical aspects of configuring listening environments and perfecting recording tools. The first one is the review of the KanexPro HAECOAX, an HDMI audio de-embedder, which Gary Galo discovered some time ago, enabling him to extract digital high-resolution audio sources from HDMI signals. The second article, by Scott Dorsey, shares his unique experience-based tips for converting a classic Brüel & Kjær measurement microphone system into a valuable recording microphone. Those are great microphones that can be found on the surplus market and are appropriate to use for recording applications, if you know which ones and how to convert them.
Finally, Richard Honeycutt discusses how you can have fun and save considerable time comparing guitar amplifier input stages, exploring the wonderful world of LT-SPICE software to predict the unique behavior of hollow-state circuits.
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