Audionamix Releases Version 3 Upgrade for ADX TRAX Pro, ADX TRAX and ADX Vocal Volume Control Plug-in

June 23 2016, 03:10
Audionamix officially released the highly anticipated v3 upgrade to the full ADX audio source separation product line. ADX TRAX Pro 3 and ADX TRAX 3 boast faster separation processing speeds, new STEMS file format export, consonants annotation tool, and zoom-to-fit options; all of which allow users to work smarter when separating and isolating melodic content within a mono or stereo mastered mix. 

ADX TRAX Pro 3 also includes spectrogram enhancements, and a first-of-its-kind pan-specific editing feature to directly edit audio content in specific slices of the stereo field for precision cleanup.

The ADX VVC 3 plug-in automatically separates the main vocal or lead melody line from a mono or stereo mix, and allows users to adjust its volume and pan position, all without requiring the original multi-track session. The latest release of this ground breaking plug-in offers up to +/- 12dB of gain control, for more powerful volume automation and adjustments than ever before.

Users can also pan the separated vocal or melody line up to 60% to the left and right within the stereo field. In addition, VVC 3 features two new separation modes: Vocal and Melody. With ‘Vocal’ mode selected, VVC uses an advanced algorithm to identify and separate only vocal content. With ‘Melody’ mode selected, ADX algorithms extract the main melodic content, enabling control over monophonic melodies from instruments such as guitar, saxophone, synth lead and more. 
ADX VVC 3 Features
Volume control of melodic content up to +/- 12 dB
Improved vocal detection algorithm
Melody and Vocal Separation Modes
Works with stereo and mono sources
Supports AAX, AU, VST, Mac and Windows 
ADX TRAX 3 and ADX TRAX Pro 3 Features
STEMS file format support
GPU Implementation
Consonants Annotation Tool
Pan-specific spectral editing feature (TRAX Pro 3 Only)
Spectrogram optimization (TRAX Pro 3 Only)
Works with mono and stereo sources

ADX TRAX Pro 3, ADX TRAX 3 and ADX Vocal Volume Control 3 are now available via all verified resellers and international distributors.
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