audioXpress Article Opportunity—Share Your Projects and Designs!

April 3 2020, 01:55
Have you recently completed a project and are interested in sharing your build or product design concept with others? Consider writing an article for audioXpress magazine.

audioXpress publishes articles about DIY audio, audio electronics, and product design for any application area—from home audio projects to guitar amps and processors, studio equipment or sound installations. We welcome new ideas on analog or digital circuits, hardware and software, wired and wireless. We also publish articles on sound theory, tubes, and vintage audio. Our readers are audio enthusiasts, audio engineers, musicians, and people who love to build and understand their own sound systems and the gear they use professionally. And, we know many of you are working on your own great projects.

You can also submit articles fiting on specific topis and application areas
All year, we have several special focus issues:

January Market Update - Drivers and Transducers
Article deadline - October 30
February Market Update - Microphones
Article deadline - November 27
March - Focus on Test & Measurement
Article deadline - December 27
April - Headphone Focus - Hearables - Market Update Voice
Article deadline - January 27
May    - Glass Audio Special - Tube Focus
Article deadline - February 28
June Market Update - Components, Automotive Audio
Article deadline - March 27
July Market Update - Amplifiers
Article deadline - April 24
August - Focus on Acoustics
Article deadline - May 29
September - Speaker Builder - Speaker Focus
Article deadline - June 26
October Market Update - Installation - Communications (UC)
Article deadline - July 24
November - Market Update - DSP
Article deadline - August 28
December - Market Update - Wireless Audio
Article deadline - September 25

We are always looking for informative articles to appear in upcoming issues of our monthly audio magazine. We think an article about your project might be a great fit. Publishing an article would mean additional exposure for your design and your design skills, and it’s a chance for you to be paid for publication.

DIY Appeal for Article Submissions
audioXpress mission is to be a reference information source for innovative solutions and technologies in audio electronics, acoustic, and electro-acoustic development and design, serving the needs of an expanded audience — from DIY and audio enthusiasts to audio product designers and audio engineers, the industry, and its partners (agents, consultants, integrators, and opinion leaders).

As with any technical magazine, we need direct collaboration and we are continuously looking for article submissions in R&D areas and engineering briefings of interest to our readers. audioXpress is the right channel to discuss technology at an early stage with an interested audience, particularly for development platform providers.

In the tradition established by audioXpress founder Edward T. Dell (1923–2013), when he decided to re-brand Audio Amateur, and later merge Glass Audio and Speaker Builder to create audioXpress, we are continuously looking for the best DIY projects.
Share your experience and knowledge in
- amplifiers
- preamplifiers
- electroacoustic
- signal processing
- test and measurement
- acoustics
- effects and dynamics processors
- microphone modding
- acoustic panel treatment projects (with measurements)
- room correction projects
- computer audio projects and interfaces

Send your articles, suggestions and contributions to: J. Martins -Editor-in-Chief

If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, please send us an e-mail 
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