A Glimpse at The Past, Present and Future of Audio in audioXpress February 2018!

January 11 2018, 14:00
The cover of audioXpress February 2018 edition, highlights an extensive report on Exploring Graphene in Speakers, Headphones, and Microphones. Providing a glimpse at the future of audio, this detailed overview of one of the most promising materials to revolutionize the speaker industry, explores the work of ORA Sound, the GrapheneQ pioneers, and the research and development efforts by GraphAudio, developing a true electrostatic solution.
On another cover highlight, Neville Roberts writes about the renewed interest in reel-to-reel tape. Following the vinyl revival, many people are realizing how fantastic analog tape can sound, even when compared with "studio master" quality digital formats. And open reel tapes are making a remarkable comeback, with many enthusiasts willing to pay over $300 dollars for copies of the original analog masters, and many other recordings now made available in this venerable format.
In Audio Praxis, Luc Guillaume (Wisdom Audio), discusses when to use Line Source versus Point Source speakers in media rooms, and how differences in speaker technology impact placement, design, and sound clarity. Guillaume explains what’s the best fit for a home theater or a large open media room.
Following several articles previously published by audioXpress on audio networking protocols, and the latest technologies and standards for audio-over-IP, in this edition we feature an important contributed article by Brad Price, explaining in detail a critical piece of the puzzle missing so far. The article examines the way in which one AV product — Dante Domain Manager — helps provide an integrated management approach.
In this edition, Ron Tipton reviews four software plug-ins, which provide added realism when listening to stereo using headphones. Basically, the plug-ins provide an interesting re-creation on headphones of the same auditory cues that reach our ears in the real world, when listening to loudspeakers.
On this month Sound Control column, Richard Honeycutt shares practical design considerations for audio control rooms, exploring some widely misunderstood aspects of the function, and requirements for such a critical component in performance and worship spaces.
audioXpress February 2018 includes an interview with lifelong entrepreneur and innovator Tom DeVesto, the founder of some remarkable audio companies and brands, such as Advent, Boston Acoustics, Kloss Video, Cambridge SoundWorks, Tivoli Audio, and more recently, Como Audio. As DeVesto explains, Como Audio aims to make all of the music content accessible on one device, simply with the press of a button.
On the DIY audio perspective, this edition features a high-end project by an esteemed author, Bruce Heran, which has gone through several evolutions before attaining his stamp of approval. Builders will need some advanced skills to tackle this high performance all-valve phonograph preamplifier, which Heran says has many refinements and believes to combine the best possible attributes.
On Hollow State Electronics, Richard Honeycutt continues to detail the construction of its Bolger Hybrid Electric Bass Amplifier project, this month detailing prototype circuits, and the learning opportunities presented by those experiments, before producing the final creation.
audioXpress February 2018 also includes another detailed overview of the latest Audio Editing software, reviewed with the expert insight of Fernando Rodrigues. Featured in Part 3 of this series, Rodrigues looks at some established names, such as Sound Forge, now under the Magix brand, followed by Audacity, one of the most popular free audio editors, checks out Gold Wave, one of the oldest audio editors available, and an interesting newcomer, Ivosight Soundop.
Finally, this edition includes a valuable Industry Calendar for the remaining of the year, to help everyone plan their 2018 activities.
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