Voice Coil May 2015 is Now Available Online

April 22 2015, 21:21
In this month’s Industry News & Developments, Vance Dickason highlights all the audio-relevant papers of interest that will be presented at the 138th International Audio Engineering Society (AES) Convention - the first-ever AES convention held in Poland. The event will take place May 7–10, 2015, at the Sofitel Victoria Hotel in Warsaw, Poland, and there will be several interesting presentations about headphones, loudspeakers, transducers, acoustics, and test and measurement.

In Voice Coil’s Spotlight, you will find a great in-depth article from Dave Logan discussing the potential of Near-Field Scanning. The article is called: “A New Approach to Loudspeaker Measurements.”

Another Spotlight article, from Mike Klasco, is titled “MEMS Microspeakers Are Truly Digital Transducers” and includes some really great insight on upcoming developments and new companies active in this field. As Mike explains “as a follow up to last month’s focus on microspeakers, we thought it might be time for an article on MEMS microspeakers. This is a really new technology, so new that only recently were functional lab prototypes operational.”

And for those who follow our column on Acoustic Patents by James Croft, this issue features a new Loudspeaker Assembly and System, invented by Zeljko Velican (Endeavour Hills, Victoria, Australia) on behalf of Blueprint Acoustics Pty, Ltd. (Australia), granted in August 2014. Another interesting patent review includes Ported Audio Speaker Enclosures by Jimmy Lee Murray (Concordia, MO), on behalf of JDA Technology, LLC, granted January 2015.

This month’s Voice Coil Test Bench includes two home/car audio subwoofers and a lifestyle-type mini speaker system. Dayton Audio sent a pair of new shallow-mount subwoofers, the 10” LS10-44 and the 12” LS12-44, and from Tang Band, Vance Dickason tests a new turnkey full-range stereo system, including its own Bluetooth amplifier, which is available as a kit.

All this and the usual Industry Watch section are great reasons not to delay on downloading the issue, renew your subscription or make sure you qualify for a free subscription to Voice Coil. Just go here.

As always, Voice Coil is available online here: www.gotomyvcoil.com
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