Voice Coil July 2015, Hot of the Press!

July 2 2015, 07:00
Voice Coil July 2015 is now available for download. In this month’s Industry News & Developments, Vance Dickason anticipates some of the upcoming industry events, such as The 2015 Summer National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM), being held in Nashville, TN, from July 9–11; The Capital Audiofest 2015, a consumer-oriented high-end audio show being held August 28–30, 2015; and The Loudspeaker Sourcing Show, created to directly connect suppliers with the companies that need their services. The Loudspeaker Sourcing Show will be held at the Nansha Grand Hotel in Guangzhou, China from October 9-11, 2015, prior to the fall HKES 2015 show. Another important event will be the Audio Engineering Society (AES) 59th Conference on Sound Reinforcement Engineering and Technology, being held July 15-17, 2015, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
Following the successful Prolight+Sound 2015 show, held in Frankfurt, Germany, Vance Dickason looks at the new drivers released by B&C Speakers.

This month’s Voice Coil Spotlight includes a contribution from Brian “JB” O’Neill, from US Enclosure, detailing the history and recent developments in the company. Since 1990, US Enclosure Company has developed a series of purpose-engineered composite wall materials specifically for loudspeaker cabinets that meet or beat the acoustic qualities of MDF, plywood, plastics, or metals at the same wall thickness. An added benefit is OEM loudspeaker companies can visually stand out from their competition with custom-shaped complex curved cabinets with Class-A finishes in the same cost bracket as a basic wooden box cabinet. This technology can provide an important opportunity for improved market share, margins, or profits to OEM loudspeaker manufacturers. The technology is also useful wherever higher sound clarity (extreme cabinet damping) is required, from home loudspeaker systems to recording studio and mastering monitors to headphones to concert reinforcement, from auto to distributed sound to turntable bases.

In our Acoustic Patents column, James Croft (Croft Acoustical), looks at a “Loudspeaker Enclosure System with Signal Processor for Enhanced Perception of Low Frequency Output”, recently awarded to the author. The patent details a loudspeaker system that appears to be unique in maintaining accurate timbre when providing greater low-frequency extension and output, including the ability to increase or maintain the full levels of physical bass impact contained in the program material being reproduced, while minimizing overload distortion. This should be useful in both small and large systems that also incorporate resonant mode enclosures, such as bass reflex or resonant wave column structures.

July’s Test Bench includes a 5.75” subwoofer from China-based Wavecor, plus the DE550, a new 1” polymer diaphragm compression driver from Italian OEM pro sound manufacturer B&C Speakers. The Wavecor 5.75” subwoofer SW146WA01/02 comes in both the 4-Ω and the 8-Ω versions. The SW146WA subwoofers are part of Wavecor’s rather extensive line of subwoofers, 20 models in all, ranging in size from 2.75” to 12”. Accompanying this lineup of subwoofers is a broad range of passive radiators with sizes from 6.25” to 12”. Wavecor’s SW146WA features a well-conceived feature set that includes a proprietary four-spoke stamped steel frame that incorporates an eight-spoke/eight-window configuration below the spider mounting shelf.
B&C Speakers’ Compression Driver DE110-8 is a new high temperature polymer diaphragm compression driver coupled with B&C Speakers’ ME10 90° × 60° hyperbolic cosine flare horn. The ultra compact DE110-8 joins B&C Speakers’ extensive series of 1” throat compression drivers, now numbering 14 models (10 ferrite motor compression drivers and four neodymium motor compression drivers).

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As always, Voice Coil is available online here: www.gotomyvcoil.com
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