Voice Coil February 2015 is Now Available!

January 29 2015, 06:00
The February edition of Voice Coil opens with Vance Dickason’s usual selection of Industry News & Developments. This month’s Voice Coil highlights a “Comparative Measurement Microphone Study” promoted in mid-August 2013, by the SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden, comparing four brands of measurement microphones. The SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden is a sort of National Bureau of Standards for Sweden and issues investigative data on products and processes ranging from bio fuels to measurement microphones. The study came about because the SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden had been requested the purchase of four microphones of the same type from four different measurement microphone manufacturers – Bruel & Kjaer, BSWA, G.R.A.S. Sound and Vibration A/S, and PCB Piezotronics.

Our Spotlight section follows with an article by Mike Klasco on Endumax, an innovative and superior cone material with performance beyond woven composites, recently introduced to the industry by Teijin Aramid.

The February edition also includes the annual Loudspeaker Cone Vendor Survey 2015. This directory provides a listing of the cone vendors that remain in business. Although there are only a few cone vendors operating outside of Asia, China alone has approximately 200 cone vendors. The directory, compiled by Mike Klasco, lists a few of the more established companies.

James Croft (Croft Acoustical) follows with its regular Acoustic Patents insight, this month looking at an interesting new patent covering a “Compact Stand-Alone Stereo Loudspeaker” (Patent Number: US 2013/0336504) by inventor Jes Mosgaard from Libratone A/S (Denmark). The second patent review looks at a “Loudspeaker with a Wave Guide” (Patent Number: US 2014/0369543) by inventors Jussi Vaisanen and Ilpo Martikainen from Finish company Genelec. This second patent relates to the recently introduced Genelec 8351 monitor, which Vance Dickason considered one of the most innovative and interesting products launched at the recent 137th AES convention in Los Angeles.

The usual Test Bench column by Vance Dickason brings us two drivers from two segments of the pro sound industry: The 6MR500-NDY-4, a 6.5” pro sound midrange, from Brazilian OEM driver manufacturer PRV Audio Brazil; and from Celestion, an historical reissue of the famous G12H “GreenBack” 12” guitar speaker.

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