Tectonic Elements BMR Speakers Selected for New Car Concept and Flat-Panel TVs

April 30 2015, 03:00
Tectonic Elements BMR speakers have been selected to provide headrest audio for the Citroën Aircross concept car revealed at the Auto Shanghai 2015 Show. Pushing the concept of personal entertainment and interaction, the Citroën Aircross features individual stereo audio for every seat as well as personal microphones for passenger-to passenger conversations.

Citroën has developed a system to provide “audio spatialization” for each passenger. “Each of the four seats is equipped with speakers and a microphone to facilitate dialogue between the occupants or to allow an individual in-cabin experience”, explains Citroën. “Using these ‘sound bubbles’, each passenger can choose who they want to speak with while respecting the relaxation of their fellow travelers, making the journey a time for calm or communication – the choice is theirs.”

The design of the Aircross passenger seat audio concept and headrest required a unique set of speaker performance parameters. The Tectonic Elements TEBM36S12, square BMR, provided a 29.7mm thin form factor and full range frequency response.

“Citroën chose the Tectonic Elements BMR for its overall high quality sonic performance from a slim, very compact speaker”, says Caroline O’Brien, Tectonic Elements Managing Director. “We’re very proud to be selected to provide cutting-edge audio technology to a truly leading- edge automotive entertainment concept.”

The Citroën Aircross concept debuted April 22nd, 2015 at the National Centre for Exhibition and Convention in Shanghai, China.

‘Butterfly Wings’ TV Design
Tectonic Elements and electronic manufacturer Lucida Technology USA, have partnered to provide an innovative audio solution for flat-panel TVs that integrates leading edge hardware and software capabilities.

Lucida’s new line of “Butterfly Wings” television products pushes the boundaries of industrial design, hardware and software integration. Tectonic Elements new TEBM130H10-8 Balanced Mode Radiator (BMR) speakers have been selected to provide stereo, down-firing audio that provide 180⁰ room coverage with a frequency response of 100 Hz to 20 kHz. The TEBM130s unique acoustic properties and thin form factor meet audio and design requirements and pair well with home theater subwoofer systems for a full-range audio experience.

Located in San Francisco, CA, Lucida Technology produces Next Generation Smart TVs, including the Butterfly Wings TV - the first modular Smart TV in the world. 40”, 50” and 58” Butterfly Wings TV designs feature hardware solutions from Intel, ARM and Tectonic Elements to provide a powerful visual and audio backbone. Windows, Linux and Android offer a wide range of control software and interface options.

“With Tectonic Elements, we have found not only a technical solution for our audio and form-factor needs, but a solid business partner”, says David Huang, Lucida’s CEO. “Our innovative design requires a minimal border around the visual presentation area of the Butterfly Wings TV. Tectonic Elements BMR speakers provides us with the audio performance that we require without being visible or including a ‘soundbar.’”

“We’re very pleased to work with Lucida and provide an audio solution for the Butterfly Wings TV products”, says Caroline O’Brien, Tectonic Elements Managing Director. “We always seek opportunities for end users to experience the BMR technology in high quality consumer products.”

Tectonic Elements’ flagship transducer is its BMR speaker driver. BMR’s incorporate core NXT technologies and are compact, full-range, wide dispersion drivers that produce a unique quality and depth of sound. Tectonic Elements, a wholly owned subsidiary of Flat Audio, LLC., is headquartered in the UK and has offices in Hong Kong and USA. 

In August 2013, FLAT Audio Technologies, LLC acquired assets from U.K. / Hong Kong-based HiWave Technologies. As a result of this acquisition, FLAT Audio assumed responsibilities for all technologies, patents and operations for HiWave Audio’s Balanced Mode Radiator (BMR) audio transducers, and an exclusive license for the use of NXT Audio Panel Exciters in Tectonic Audio Labs professional audio markets, along with shared rights to provide products for consumer audio markets.

To manage these assets and the associated OEM audio component business, FLAT Audio opened Tectonic Elements, Ltd. to be headquartered in the U.K and work with existing BMR, exciter and amplifier module channel partners.
www.citroen.com | www.LucidaTech.com
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