Submit Samples to Voice Coil’s Test Bench

June 26 2014, 19:49
Voice Coil magazine's Test Bench is an open forum for OEM driver manufacturers in the industry and all OEM’s are invited to submit samples to Voice Coil for inclusion in the monthly Test Bench column. Driver samples can be for use in any sector of the loudspeaker market including transducers for home audio, car audio, pro sound, multi-media or musical instrument applications.

While many of the drivers featured in Voice Coil come from OEM’s that have a stable catalog of product, this is not a necessary criterion for submission. Any woofer, midrange or tweeter an OEM manufacture feels is representative of their work, is welcome to send samples. However, please contact Voice Coil Editor Vance Dickason, prior to submission to discuss which drivers are being submitted. Samples should be sent in pairs and addressed to:

Vance Dickason Consulting
333 S. State St., #152
Lake Oswego, OR 97034
All samples must include any published data on the product, patent information or any special information necessary to explain the functioning of the transducer. This should include details regarding the various materials used to construct the transducer such as cone material, voice coil former material, and voice coil wire type. For woofers and midrange drivers, please include the voice coil height, gap height, RMS power handling, and physically measured Mmd (complete cone assembly including the cone, surround, spider and voice coil with 50% of the spider, surround and lead wires removed).
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