Radial’s original Bassbone updated, introducing the Bassbone V2

January 21 2015, 04:00
Radial Engineering announced the Bassbone V2, a second generation of the popular bass guitar preamp and DI box pedal, that features a dedicated effects loop, combination power booster-mute footswitch and piezo optimized input for upright bass. The Bassbone V2 audio performance in a compact box makes it an ideal front end for both live and studio recording.

Radial Sales Manager, Roc Bubel explains: “We recently launched the Bassbone OD which has gained tremendous attention from many of the world’s most prominent bass players. Instead of dropping the original Bassbone, we felt that there were many who preferred the smaller footprint and focussed feature set. The Bassbone V2 was developed for this crowd.”
The Bassbone V2 is a two channel bass control center that features the same award winning audio circuit that has made the original Bassbone popular with artists as diverse as Marcus Miller, John Patitucci and Victor Wooten. It features a toggle switch to select between two basses or switch between channels like a two channel amp. A full effects loop with send and receive jacks is complimented with a wet-dry control that enables the artist to mix-in as much of the effect as desired without losing the natural bass tone. A third footswitch works double duty as either a power booster or a mute switch. This lets accentuate passages for solos or to 'ride steady' in the background, and can be used for quiet on-stage tuning using the dedicated tuner output. A main output is used to feed the stage amp while the built-in Radial DI box feeds the PA system or recording workstation.

Like all Radial products, the Bassbone V2 is made from 14 gauge steel for extra durability and comes complete with 15VDC power supply. The Bassbone V2 is now shipping, MAP $259.99 USD.
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