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PreSonus unveils the all-new Nimbit direct-to-fan service

June 9 2014, 10:27
In 2013, PreSonus acquired Nimbit, a Boston-based provider of direct-to-fan music services. At the time, the professional audio manufacturer from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, considered the addition of Nimbit a way to engage with its own customer base, “reflecting how the creation process has changed” and a way to get its products “more connected with the Internet”. PreSonus was an early adopter of SoundCloud’s API when in 2010 it integrated SoundCloud export into its PreSonus Studio One digital audio workstation. With Nimbit’s acquisition, a PreSonus user could make a recording, upload it to a Nimbit account and sell it as a download in just a few simple steps – all using a combination of the company’s hardware e software products.
Apart from the basic free service, Nimbit evolved into a complete subscription service for artists and labels, including direct CD sales with packaging and shipping services, additional artist store customization and promotional tools, and free distribution to iTunes and Spotify. Those features are not available in the free-of-charge NimbitFree tier that launched last year.

Now, the service evolved into a complete direct-to-fan marketing and promotions platform, receiving a complete redesign, including a new look, extensive new features, a new money-saving pricing plan, and much more. Artists can use Nimbit to quickly and easily deliver everything fans need to stream and buy music, purchase merchandise, plan to attend shows, and generally follow the artist’s career-all from, their Facebook page, or their Web site. The result is improved business management and more effective fan engagement that increases sales and grows your email list.
The centerpiece is the new artist Profile, where users can deliver a rich experience all in one place, including photos, biography, upcoming events, videos, streaming audio, and more. Thanks to extensive use of drop-down menus and an intuitive user interface, even technophobes can set up or revise their Profiles in just a few minutes. The new service makes a much better use of existing tools to allow direct integration into external websites and social media. Artists can embed their Profile, store, event calendar, or any combination on their own Web page or Facebook page using simple embed code, like embedding a YouTube video.
Active artists can sign up for a free Nimbit account, which includes many of the best features and is comparable to many other paid services. Users can enhance their functionality of the free plan by adding a la carte features. For serious users, Nimbit’s Premium account is a great deal at $19.95 per month, delivering much more for the money than competing services.
The service allows artists and labels to reward fans for coming to events, generating valuable data about fans attending the shows. At the event, Nimbit provides a check-in URL and warn the fans to check in on their mobile devices. When they do, they will be rewarded right away with a discount on a product from the store or a free product-whatever promotion they decide to offer. They can even include a video that the fans will see when they redeem their reward or send an automatic email.

The mobile-ready Nimbit Calendar shows events with interactive Google maps and includes ticket sales and an assortment of sharing features. The service provides venue information, date, show times, ticket prices, and notes - even creating and selling general admission tickets and displaying past events and events far in the future. It’s also possible to combine the events list with the email tool to automatically send reminders to fans who are close to the venue.
The new email marketing tool makes it easy to send news blasts, automate event reminders, and target specific fans. Create mobile-ready HTML emails using a simple editor or build their own templates, then preview how the email will look on a mobile device. Combined with Nimbit’s fan list and fan-filtering capabilities, email marketing allows sending personalized and relevant emails, including recurring messages. The full suite of Nimbit marketing and fan-management tools, combined with the new Profile, fundraising, and advanced selling features, take this direct-to-fan service to an all-new level.
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