Plug and Mix Launches VST / VSTi “Chainer” Utility

March 27 2015, 04:00
Plug and Mix and Plugivery announced the release of their awaited “Chainer” Application. P&M “Chainer” is an amazing utility that can load and chain P&M plug-ins but it can also load and save chains of VST effects and VSTi instruments into any DAW including Pro Tools.

As the name implies, “Chainer” is first of all an utility that can be used to load P&M plug-ins and “chain” them to create useful effect patches and load them into new sessions or even other DAWs. But, If users purchase the full version, the Chainer will be able to load and “chain” any VST effects or VSTi instruments from any manufacturer making it a powerful tool to use within any modern DAW, including Pro Tools.

Users can therefore use the Chainer to save great effect presets or VSTi virtual instrument patches that can be recalled from any DAW at anytime needed. The Chainer enables to load up to 32 effects in series or parallel and save the whole thing within a patch that can be loaded in other sessions or even other DAWs. The same applies to virtual instruments that can be loaded and chained one after the other. Effect plugins can be loaded into any slots adding amazing effects to sounds or instruments.

Drag and Drop functionalities enables users to conveniently change the order of the effects and/or virtual instruments they load within the Chainer. A mixer section enables users to solo, mute and control the level, Mix and Pan of each effects or instruments loaded into the chainer. The chainer also provides useful Full and 1/3 Oct spectrum analyzers, Phase and audio Waveform visualization to control the audio signal processes within the Chainer.

The chainer natively contains demo versions of all 45 quality V.I.P. Series plug-ins and is free for all registered P&M Plug-in owners. Therefore, the Chainer will automatically detect any authorized P&M plug-ins, ready to use. They can be chained in series or parallel to save/load presets that can be used in other sessions or even other DAWs.

The P&M Chainer will be sold at the introductory price of ONLY $49 (MSRP ($129). The P&M Chainer and the V.I.P. Bundle can be purchased from or any other authorized dealer.
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