PCB Piezotronics’s New Model 130A23 Measurement Microphone

November 20 2014, 04:00
PCB Piezotronics has been manufacturing sensors since 1967 and test and measurement microphones since 1982. All PCB Piezotronics’s microphones are designed, manufactured, and tested in-house at its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. This vertically integrated capability enables the company to control the quality, cost, and delivery of its products.

Recently, PCB Piezotronics launched the Model 130A23, a new 0.25” high-amplitude array microphone. The microphone is designed to enable research engineers to locate noise sources in appliances, industrial tools, machinery, aircraft, and automotive interiors. The microphone measures acoustic signals in the audible range of the human ear and offers an extended dynamic and frequency range often found on more expensive condenser microphones.

This all-in-one prepolarized microphone and preamplifier has a 30-dBA low noise floor and a 143-dB upper range making it one of the highest dynamic ranges available in array-class microphones. The flat frequency range up to 20 kHz enables noise sources to be more accurately analyzed. Powered by an integrated circuit piezoelectric (ICP) or any 2 to 20 mA constant current supply, the microphone is interchangeable within existing setups for ICP accelerometers, load, force, and strain and pressure sensors. 

The Model 130A23 microphone is especially suitable for large channel count applications (e.g., acoustic holography, sound pressure mapping, beamforming or applications where reducing noise or meeting a standard specification is a concern for OEMs). 

PCB Piezotronics makes a comprehensive line of professional measurement microphones.

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