Next-Generation Bose SoundTouch Wireless Systems Combine Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

October 7 2015, 03:00

Bose announced a completely redesigned range of SoundTouch Wireless systems, including the smaller SoundTouch 10 featuring new Unidome transducers with the highest excursion for any transducer of its size in the company’s history. All new models now combine Bluetooth technology with 802.11n dual-band Wi-Fi for multi-room capability, and upcoming improved Spotify integration.

With millions of people streaming music every day, Bose ushers in a new era for “playing it all at home” with its next-generation SoundTouch wireless music systems. Now, every SoundTouch system - including the new little SoundTouch 10 speaker - all have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi built right in for the best of both worlds: instant music and multi-room listening.

With Bluetooth, Bose SoundTouch users can stream any song, playlist, music service, and YouTube directly from any phone or tablet. With Wi-Fi, those same users will be able broadcast it to as many SoundTouch speakers they have, or use the intuitive SoundTouch app to explore integrated music services, set personalized presets, and enjoy different music in different rooms.

Through new 802.11n dual-band Wi-Fi, the SoundTouch connection is stronger and more reliable with less interference and drop-outs. The addition of 5 GHz compatibility also offers a better streaming option in crowded environments like apartment buildings in the city.

For its new SoundTouch Wireless range, Bose also announced two wireless music system “firsts” with Spotify, available soon: In addition to Spotify Connect - which lets users control any SoundTouch system from the Spotify app - Spotify will also be integrated in the SoundTouch app. And will offer ReadySet with Spotify, a way to preload any SoundTouch system with Spotify playlists.

“SoundTouch has always been about the experience - what listening to streaming music at home should be like,” says John Roselli, general manager of Bose Wireless Speakers. “We engineered everything around that simple idea. So, SoundTouch systems are easier to use than anything else available, they sound incredible, and now they let you listen to anything from your phone or tablet in as many rooms as you want.”

Bose’s SoundTouch family of products is also expanded with the new SoundTouch 10 speaker, which can be used on its own or to mix and match with other SoundTouch systems. The SoundTouch 10 speaker joins the new SoundTouch 20 and 30 Series III speakers, new SoundTouch soundbars, and new SoundTouch home theater systems. All SoundTouch speakers are compatible, they all talk to each other through walls and ceilings, and now they all include Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

The new SoundTouch 10 wireless speaker measures just 8.34” H x 5.56” W x 3.43” D. It combines Bose’s digital signal processing with the new 2.5” Unidome transducer that produces the highest excursion for any transducer of its size in Bose history. The resulting performance allows the SoundTouch 10 to play cleaner, deeper, and louder than any single speaker of its stature.

The new SoundTouch 20 and 30 Series III speakers are the updated big brothers to the SoundTouch 10 speaker. The SoundTouch 30 Series III is Bose’s best-performing one-piece solution, and the SoundTouch 20 Series III delivers rich, room-filling sound from a more compact enclosure.

New SoundTouch soundbars and home theater systems are also available, including two soundbars, the SoundTouch 120 and 130 systems; and a 5.1 system, the SoundTouch 520 home theater system. They’re all immersive for movies and TV and double as wireless music systems. A new, more efficient SoundTouch SA-5 amplifier also powers weatherproof speakers for patios, balconies, and backyards.

The SoundTouch range supports most popular music services like Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio and Deezer, each accessible through the intuitive SoundTouch app. With just a few taps, the SoundTouch app turns any phone or tablet into a powerful controller, allowing the user to listen to the same music everywhere, or different music in different rooms. The app allows users to set six personalized presets to any music service playlist, artist or internet radio station, which every SoundTouch speaker in the same network remembers automatically. Just pressing a corresponding button on any SoundTouch speaker or the included remote, and the music starts playing - no phone needed.

SoundTouch systems will also have new in-app integration with Spotify alongside Spotify Connect. The new ReadySet with Spotify feature will also be available on with any SoundTouch system purchase. With ReadySet, users will be able to access their existing Spotify account or sign-up for one, pre-load SoundTouch presets with Spotify playlists, and have their SoundTouch speaker arrive customized, programmed, and ready-to-go.

“The home is one of the places where we want to deliver music fans innovative experiences,” said Jorge Espinel, VP, Global Business Development at Spotify. “This partnership with Bose enables us to provide users with a ready-to-use music experience in the home, which blends Spotify's favorite features and playlists with Bose’s innovative technology and incredible sound quality.”

The new Bose SoundTouch 10 wireless music system is $199.95, and the new SoundTouch 20 Series III system and SoundTouch 30 Series III system are available for $349.95 and $499.95, respectively. Bose SoundTouch soundbars and home theater systems are available starting at $1,099.95. Early next year, in-app Spotify integration will be included in new systems and available to existing SoundTouch customers via a free software upgrade; and ReadySet with Spotify will be available at with any SoundTouch purchase.
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