New Cheap DAC and Headphones Bundle from Chinon

November 20 2014, 05:00
Although smartphones, digital players, tablets, laptops, and computers already have a built-in DAC, the fact is most are low-quality components that produce background hiss and reduce the audio dynamics, especially when listening with headphones. With those applications in mind, Japanese manufacturer Chinon has introduced the CH-DA260U DAC with an integrated amplifier and digital output ($149).

“The human ear is highly astute at reading the emotional quality of music, and is equally good at noticing when it is lacking as is the case with digitally stored music,” says Jensen Fong of Chinon. “Since most mobile devices have an average DAC at best, adding the combination of the CH-DA260U and CH-PH244 headphones will instantly enhance your listening experience.”

The CH-DA260U DAC features an USB audio input with amplified headphone output, along with coaxial and optical digital outputs, bridging any source that supports USB audio. In addition, the CH-DA260U compact aluminum casing minimizes interference and the unit can be used as a link between any smartphone, tablet, or laptop and a home hi-fi or home theater system.

According to Chinon, “The amplifier and CH-PH244 headphones deliver a better response than most sound systems found inside laptops or tablets. Significant improvements can immediately be heard in resolution, realism and depth from an audio source, whether listening to a high quality lossless FLAC file or just streaming music from iTunes and Spotify.”

Equipped with dynamic elements for extended frequency response, Chinon’s CH-PH244 lightweight on-ear headphones are designed for hours of comfortable listening using soft leather foam on the headband and the ear-pads. The headphones have a fold-flat design that makes them compact and easy to carry around. The unpretentious headphones are supplied with a high-quality detachable microphone cable for use with smartphones and tablets.

The Chinon CH-DA260U USB DAC and CH-PH244 Headphones bundle costs $179.99.

Chinon was established in 1948 in Japan by founder Hiroshi Chino as a manufacturing company for optical products such as lens modules, 35-mm cameras, movie cameras, disc drives, and printers. Long-time partner Eastman Kodak Co. became Chinon Industries Inc.’s majority shareholder in 1997, and later merged Chinon Industries Inc. into the group. Chinon Corp. was restarted by the founder’s family as the formal successor.
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