New Beyma WR Family of Low Frequency Drivers

February 25 2015, 04:00

Beyma introduced its WR family, which is composed by three new designed low frequency drivers: 10” (10WR300), 12” (12WR400) and 15” (15WR400). The WR family was designed to replace the existing SM family, to be discontinued in January 2016, and was first introduced at the 2015 NAMM Show.

The new WR family woofers from the Spanish loudspeaker specialist were designed to accomodate a wide range of target applications, from low frequency to mid-bass. The three high performance woofers have very competitive features, includin ceramic magnets, FEA optimized magnetic circuit and MMSS technology for high control, linearity and low harmonic distortion, with waterproof cone treatment on both sides of the cone.
The 10WR300 is designed with a 2” copper coil and features an excellent balance among power handling, linear response and sensitivity, thanks to the optimized FEA motor structure design and the MMSS technology. It delivers an optimum response in compact bass reflex cabinets and offers an extended frequency response which allows the unit to be used in different kind of systems.

The speakers 12WR400 and 15WR400 have been designed with 3” copper coil and also feature an extended and linear response which allows a correct coupling with a midrange or a compression driver depending on the system architecture and needs in the application. The FEA optimized motor structure and MMSS technology have been also applied to these two models and the result is an excellent efficiency and low distortion. The result in low frequency is optimum in small sized vented cabinets and the performance in a wide frequency range and its tonal accuracy in mid frequencies allow these two speakers to be a perfect choice for a wide range of professional applications.

According to Beyma, the WR family presents a clear improvement in several important aspects over the SM family, mainly in performance and frequency response linearity. Likewise, in the three models 10”, 12” and 15” the linear behavior with large displacements has been carefully studied, improving the distortion due to nonlinearities. In the 10” model, power handling has been improved and Beyma has been working also on providing an aesthetic improvement to the product and strong performance in high humidity conditions over previous models.
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