Mackie extends SRM Professional Line with two powerful new dual-woofer designs

June 12 2014, 15:05
Mackie launched two new high-power, high-output additions to its SRM family of powered loudspeakers – the SRM750 1600W Dual 15-inch High-Definition Powered Loudspeaker and the SRM2850 1600W Dual 18-inch Powered Subwoofer.
“These are truly the big boys of the SRM family, with the raw power and speaker configurations that high-output applications demand,” commented John Boudreau, Mackie SVP. “The powerful dual-woofer designs can really move some air. They’re perfect for festivals and clubs. Stack two SRM2850 subs with an SRM750 on top for an amazingly high-output and great-sounding stacked PA.”

Both new models benefit from the features and technology of the SRM Professional Series, which includes the SRM550, SRM650 and SRM1850. This includes a powerful 1600-watt amp platform paired with custom transducers housed within professional-grade, internally-braced all-wood cabinets.
Like all SRM full-range boxes, the SRM750 Dual 15-inch Powered Loudspeaker features Mackie HD Audio Processing. This sound-enhancing and powerful DSP includes patented acoustic correction algorithms plus system optimization tools like application-specific speaker modes and a feedback destroyer. There’s also an integrated 2-channel mixer with Mackie Wide-Z inputs to handle any signal.
The new SRM2850 Dual 18-inch Powered Subwoofer moves some serious air, with 1600-watts of power in an intensely-rugged all-wood design. Perfect for bass-hungry applications, the SRM2850 delivers massive amounts of hard-hitting lows. Great for high-output, stacked rigs at festivals, clubs and other live sound applications.
The SRM750 has a U.S. MSRP of $1499.99, while the SRM2850 has a U.S. MSRP of $1999.99.
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