Electro-Voice Next Generation X-Line Line-Array Loudspeakers

June 30 2014, 17:38
Electro-Voice (EV) offered the first preview of its X-Line line-array loudspeaker family at InfoComm 2014. According to EV, “The new models mark a dynamic step forward in EV’s 85-year tradition of industry-leading innovation, offering a new range of breakthrough components that work together to surpass the performance of other leading line arrays—all in a significantly more compact, flexible, and faster-to-set-up package.”

This next generation of X-Line line-array loudspeakers offer an unprecedented performance-to-size ratio for installed and concert sound applications, featuring advanced audio quality and control via a host of new EV-engineered technologies, including improved Hydra wave-shaping devices, high-output transducers, and proprietary FIR-Drive optimization. A new-look EV industrial design and new Integrated Rigging System offer streamlined appearance and simplified setup.
Two models will be launched later this year: the X1 and the X2.
The X1 is compact 12” vertical line-array loudspeaker element, configurable for passive or bi-amped operation via an internal connector.

The SMX 12” woofer in the X1 (DVN3125 12” woofer in the X2) is coupled to an EV-exclusive Mid-Band Hydra device that effectively emulates the acoustic behavior of a double line of four 3” point sources. This delivers perfect mid-band coupling of the array while maintaining the efficiency and power of a 12” transducer.
The HF section in the X1 incorporates two new ND2R ring-exit high-output 2” titanium compression drivers coupled to a pair of WCH constant energy planar wave generators on a 90° waveguide optimized for high efficiency, uniform pattern control, and smooth, extended, linear response. The ring-coupled ND2R and WCH circular Hydra eliminates wave distortion, maximizing the acoustic output of this medium-format compression driver with in-phase summation past 16 kHz.
A captive twist-lock multi-angle arraying system designed by EV to simplify the rigging of any size of array, significantly reduces load in/out time and production costs. The Integrated Rigging System has been engineered with the flexibility to deploy a system using the two most common methods of array set-up: Fixed angles locked by using secondary rigging pins (included) and compression method by using a pull-up kit (sold separately).
The Model X2 is a high-performance 12” version of the X1, providing higher sound pressure level (SPL) capability, extended high-frequency response, and linear low-frequency output. In addition to the Mid-Band Hydra (MBH) and Integrated Rigging System shared with the X1, the X2 system features the new EV DVN3125 12” neodymium woofer and the Advanced High-Frequency Hydra waveguide for controlled linear HF performance.
For low frequencies, the new, high-sensitivity DVN3125 woofer in the X2 was developed using Finite Element Analysis to optimize motor, suspension, and electrical design for very low distortion, high efficiency, and maximum intelligibility at high SPL. The woofer is coupled to the Mid-Band Hydra (MBH) device.

To satisfy the most demanding system applications, the HF section of the X2 matches two ND6A high-output 3” titanium compression drivers to the pair of Advanced High-Frequency Hydra constant energy planar wave generators on a 90° waveguide. The Advanced High-Frequency Hydra provides full control of the acoustic wave, eliminating wave distortion with in-phase summation to 20 kHz. All array elements sum seamlessly together to deliver consistent pattern control and smooth, extended, linear response for any array configuration.

Both new X-Line models feature EV-designed and manufactured components with proprietary FIR-Drive performance optimization.
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