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May 22 2015, 04:00
Our June edition, which is published just before the InfoComm 2015 event in Orlando, FL, lists all the essential education opportunities for attendees, including relevant one-day seminars and three-day courses. As Vance Dickason states in Industry News & Developments, Voice Coil highlights these courses “not because they are loudspeaker engineering specific, but because understanding user requirements can help shape future product design.”

And following our monthly update on Products & Services relevant to the loudspeaker industry, Mike Klasco takes this month’s Spotlight with an article on “Trends And Innovations In Headphones,” which provides an excellent introduction to our annual Directory on Earphones And Headphones, compiled by Nora Wong (Menlo Scientific).

This 2015 directory of key original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and original design manufacturer (ODM) earphone and headphone vendors results from a survey and complements the information available in the Loudspeaker Industry Sourcebook, available online at:
This month the Acoustic Patents column by James Croft discusses an interesting Transmission Line Loudspeaker, recently assigned to three engineers from Bose regarding an electro-acoustic driver and acoustic waveguide that includes “an enclosure, an acoustic transmission line formed within the enclosure, and a plurality of acoustic transducers contained within the enclosure and disposed along a length of the acoustic transmission line.” As Croft notes, this seems to be an improvement over the Tapped Horn loudspeaker architecture patented by Tom Danley, assigned 10 years ago.

Next, Croft reviews another interesting patent of a Bipolar Speaker with Improved Clarity, recently assigned to Definitive Technology. This is a forward-focused bipolar loudspeaker design with a front-facing and rear facing driver-arrays, adjusted to generate a front-to-back acoustical output balance equal to a 2:1 ratio (about 6 dB reduction) in the output of the rear firing transducers relative to the direct forward output.

Dickason’s June 2015 Test Bench focuses on the DE550-8, a new 1” polymer diaphragm compression driver from Italian OEM pro sound manufacturer B&C Speakers. The compression driver is coupled with B&C Speakers’ ME20 90° × 60° horn, which was previously featured along with B&C Speakers’ DE14TN in the April 2014 issue of Voice Coil.
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