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AX July: Audio Showmanship

July 3 2013, 13:01

When you’re finished reading this issue of audioXpress, you might want to make a note: Tune in next month. In August, we’ll be featuring an extensive report on the HIGH END Munich 2013 audio trade show, which draws manufacturers and retailers from around the world.

Ward Maas, owner of Pilgham Audio in The Netherlands, will be your guide through the event, which features many innovative audio products, some of which are not yet for sale. Examples of the broad range of products displayed include:

  • The Pivetta Opera Only amplifier designed by Italian Andrea Pivetta. At a maximum 160,000-W output, this is a huge cylindrical amplifier that opens up into sections once the power is turned on. Listeners can literally step inside this high-end amplifier, which has a sci-fi look that suggests it could beam you down to the surface from the starship Enterprise.
  • The PureAudioProject open baffle (OB) stereo system. At the polar opposite of the Pivetta in complexity, this item is a DIY kit of matched components for quickly building your own stereo system (including screws, rubber washers, loudspeakers, and high-quality German oak). “PureAudioProject Baffles were designed for simple and easy self assembly, while having OB acoustical guidelines in mind,” according to the project website.

Be sure to pick up the August issue to read about these and many other HIGH END exhibitors.

Mary Wilson

Editor’s note: An incorrect biography for audioXpress contributor Ron Tipton was published on p. 44 of the June 2013 issue. To see his correct biography online, please visit

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