AX August: From DIY to HIGH END

August 7 2013, 13:01

This issue of audioXpress features a range of content—from reviews of finished audio equipment you may want to buy, to tips on how to protect or piece together DIY audio device components.

Gerhard Haas, who has written several books on tube engineering, offers advice on how to protect tube amplifiers from failure during open-circuit conditions (p. 12).

Ward Maas, owner of Pilgham Audio in The Netherlands, leads a tour of some of the latest audio equipment designs with his review of the HIGH END Munich audio trade show. Exhibits ranged from elegant kit-built speaker systems to state-of-the-art field coil speakers (p. 18).

Costas Sarris, a Greek medical systems engineer with a knack for tube amplifier construction, loves simplicity, which guided his design for a low-power, single-ended triode amplifier based on a 2A3 direct-heated triode (p. 15).

Where do you fall on the ”issue” of tone controls? Bass? Treble? Richard Honeycutt examines the evolution and technical details of tone knobs and controls. He also touches on the spirited debate over their use (p. 30).

In this issue, we also interview two young audio entrepreneurs: Aleksey Matyushev and Tommy Reed of Melbourne, FL. Matyushev, an aerodynamicist, and Reed, a defense communications engineer, have launched a passive sound amplifier for iPads on the Kickstarter online funding platform (p. 23).

This month, Gary Galo reviews the PS Audio NuWave DAC, which he calls an upgraded and “worthy successor” to the company’s Digital Link III.

Read these features, and more, inside this issue of audioXpress.

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