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audioXpress May 2013: Special Focus on Tubes

February 28 2013, 13:01

As always, audiophiles around the world are eagerly awaiting the yearly “Glass Audio” special edition of audioXpress magazine. This year’s issue won’t disappoint, and we’d like to preview it here for you.

In addition to the regular columns and features, the May 2013 issue will feature a special section comprising interesting and informative tube-specific content. That’s right, we’re packing in an extra 16 pages for the glass audio enthusiasts out there!

The content slated for publication includes articles on the following topics:

  • An article by Bruce Heran about his “Poddwatt” Series II stereo integrated valve amplifier
  • An article by Pierre Touzelet about the “SC-OPT,” which is a self-compensated output power transformer for valve amps
  • Richard Honeycutt’s “Hollow State Electronics” glass audio column
  • An article by B. Kainka about an FET amp with valve sound
  • And more!

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